Fresh mushrooms being sliced on a wood cutting board.

Becoming a “Blenditarian”

June 7, 2017 – Hi guys – it’s Jessica the ALDI dietitian! It’s summer and like me you might be ready to fire up the grill with your favorite meaty creations. But wait…I’m sharing a simple concept you can use to enhance the nutrition of your favorite grilled burger without sacrificing flavor.

I’d like to introduce you to The Blend!

What is The Blend? This creative concept introduced by the Mushroom Council is an easy way to create healthier, more delicious and sustainable meals. The Blend allows you to increase the nutrition of meat-based dishes like burgers, tacos and chili by blending in mushrooms with the meat. By mixing chopped mushrooms into your favorite recipes you can do better for your health. Mushrooms provide a boost of nutrients like potassium, B Vitamins, and selenium.

In the culinary world mushrooms are known to add a hearty, meaty texture and rich, umami flavor so this is a perfect pairing. When shopping at ALDI look for button, cremini or baby portobello mushrooms and follow three easy steps to become a “Blenditarian!”

Step 1. Chop your favorite mushrooms  (like button or cremini) to match the consistency of ground meat

Step 2. Blend the chopped mushrooms with the ground meat

Step 3. Cook your mushroom-meat blend to complete the recipe

Try the classic blended burger to add to your grilled menu this summer. A 30/70 mushroom-meat ratio provides the ideal consistency for burgers.

How will you add mushrooms to your menu?


Jessica, Corporate Dietitian at ALDI.

Jessica joined the ALDI team as the Corporate Dietitian in January 2016. She completed her nutrition education at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science.

Jessica went on to complete her Dietetic Internship in Wellness at Bradley University, where she gained experience with retail, community and clinical nutrition.

Before coming to ALDI, Jessica worked at a health club and at one of the leading natural retailers.

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