Coconut oil avocado banana bread loaf

Baking with Coconut Oil

Coconut flakes in bowl

September 29, 2015 – It’s getting colder outside and our kitchens are heating up with the warmth of baking season! This year, coconut oil is at the top of our list of baking essentials. Its buttery texture and coconut-y taste make it a healthier fat substitute for the butter or oil called for in many baking recipes. Here are some tips:

  • Coconut oil can be a 1:1 substitution for butter in most baking recipes. If you’re not a fan of coconut flavor, replace half of the butter for coconut oil.
  • If your recipe requires salted butter, you can replace this with coconut oil. When replacing your salted butter with coconut oil, add table salt to your recipe to make up for the salt removed from the omission of the butter. One stick of salted butter contains about half a teaspoon of table salt.
  • Add your coconut oil at the same temperature you would add butter. For example, melted coconut oil (you can gently warm it under hot water for a few seconds) should replace melted butter and solid (room temperature) coconut oil should replace solid butter.
  • Do not store your coconut oil in the fridge, as it will turn hard and be more difficult to mix.

Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’re ready to shift into baking mode. This Coconut Oil Avocado-Banana Bread recipe takes a classic favorite up a few notches. Try it yourself and tell us what you think in the comments!

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