Backyard Bowling (and more!)

August 31, 2016 – With the long weekend approaching you won’t need to travel far to have fun – just head to the backyard! Combining classic games with the outdoors is the perfect recipe for a fun family weekend and a perfect kickoff to your get together.

Yellow and red balls hanging on the ropes against green grass

Ladder Golf
With only a few basic building skills needed, ladder golf is always a party fave. Pick up some of these items at your local hardware store and you’ll be good to go:

  • 6 Dowel rods
  • 12 1×4’s (lumber)
  • A screw driver or some other tool to attach the dowels to the sides of the ladder
  • 16 Golf Balls
  • Rope
  • Nails, hammer, measuring tape
  • Outdoor spray paint

Golf always adds to a perfect backyard activity! Just like blackjack, the magic number is 21. Standing five paces away from the ladder, each player tosses their three bolas (rope with a ball attached at each end) and the first to hit 21 without going over is crowned the champ! Remember, the top rung is worth three points, the middle two points and the bottom rung one point and if a player scores over 21 during a round, their tosses don’t count for that round. Challenge accepted?

Lawn Bowling
If you’re already preparing to throw out the leftover soda bottles, why not use them for a game instead? Have a good sized ball handy and grab ten 2-liter bottles. Give the bottles a good wash and dry and then fill them up with a little gravel or sand so they don’t topple over with the wind. You can even make the game two-fold by decorating the outside of the bottles and making your own unique pins if that’s up your alley (pun intended)!

Lawn Twister
Left hand, green. Left foot, yellow. This classic game is anything but mellow! Take your flexibility skills to the lawn by grabbing a few cans of spray paint – red, blue, yellow and green – and get coloring! Spray four rows of six circles and good luck to the last person standing.

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