America’s Value Leader… Again!

October 17, 2016 – For the sixth year in a row, ALDI is the value leader among U.S. grocery stores, according to a recent consumer survey* (we’re noticing a trend here…). And if that doesn’t have you cheering yet, our fans continue to consider us one of America’s favorite grocery stores!


What do shoppers love about us? Take a look…

  • Shoppers chose ALDI as the MOST solution-focused store.
  • For the 6th year in a row, shoppers said ALDI is the place where they get the most value for their money (woohoo!).
  • We were also ranked third in cashier courtesy – up from fifth last year!
  • And, last but certainly not least, we were ranked second in checkout speed (lightning fast!) – up from fourth last year.

Tell us in the comments why we’re your favorite grocery store. Spread the ALDI love by clicking the share buttons above <3

*Consumers view ALDI as the affordable price leader among leading grocers, according to Market Force Information, Inc. according to surveys of US consumers conducted in 2011-2016 by Market Force Information

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67 thoughts on “America’s Value Leader… Again!

      1. ALDI USA Post author

        Hi V! We make sure ALDI exclusive brands are just as good as, if not better than, the national name brands. If you don’t like an ALDI food item, we’ll replace it and give your money back. Just return the package and any unused product to your local ALDI store manager and they’ll help you out.

  1. Katy Davis

    We love this store. Their house brands are very good …. Their granola is
    1/2 the price of walmart & more varieties & very tasty. Every time time I try a new house brand I am amazed at their quality. My husband loves this store also. He finds their lay out easy & he can get through his list in an orderly manor. I like their fresh fruits & vegetables … They are well stocked & quality. Breads are bakery quality & unique choices of new things to try. Thanks Aldi you have made shopping a pleasurable experience for two retired folks interested in quality for money spent. Katy Davis

  2. Judith van Ryn

    What I miss most about leaving the Midwest is Aldi . Our Sunday’s comprised of going to church, lunch then Aildi – it was great . Maybe when I die there will be am Aldi in the great sky above

  3. Willie Austin

    We live in the Phoenix area and there isn’t any Aldo stores here, why ? I am from the St. Louis , MO area and there is a lot of Aldi Stores there. I really like a lot of The products that Aldi carry .

  4. Michele Jaquiss

    I love shopping at Aldi’s! Their produce is fresh and always cheaper. Their cheese, cold cuts and meat are top notch and always cheaper. Their canned goods are cheaper and their own brands are great! Milk, eggs and bread are always a great value. And their choices of non food items are great and very inexpensive!!

  5. Carolynn Rowe

    I first became acuainted with Aldis a year ago in Atlanta. I was very surprised. Their fruit & veggy department totally awesome. Also their extra needs so below price. I love it, I love it.
    You just have to go see for yourself.

  6. Sheryl Michael

    While there are many things I love about Aldi, I haven’t found the quality/taste of their store brand to be as good as the national brands. Organic prices seem a little high for Aldi!

  7. Donald Lyons

    I have found beautiful produce, good selection of meats and store brand canned goods full with item and not filler. Especially LOVE the savings.

  8. Tammy Smith

    I used to live in Ohio and could take my pick of several Aldi stores all within a 30-minute drive from my house. Now I live in Northwest Florida, and there are no Aldi locations anywhere in the region. PLEASE expand into the Pensacola, Florida, market! With its military population alone, the Florida panhandle is home to thousands of budget-minded people who want high-quality returns for their food-related spending. Pensacola Christian College has thousands of students and faculty and staff members who come from all across the US and from nearly every country on earth, and many of them are familiar with Aldi as well, and would be loyal shpppers there. Our white sand beaches attract vacationers from all over the world, and they, too, would love to be able to shop at Aldi stores.
    Currently, the only discount grocery retailers in our region are dirty, smelly, and in undesirable, unsafe locations. They have poor quality merchandise and even worse customer service.Additionally, they tack on a 10% surcharge to their stated prices!
    When I go back to visit friends and family in Ohio or other parts of the country where there are Aldi stores, I always stock up on my favorites!
    Please consider expanding into northwest Florida. You will find a ready-made market for Aldi and will fill a need for high quality and low prices!
    Tammy Smith

  9. Delores Gaddy

    The availability of good, gluten free food at a price that is closer to regular food prices. A blessing for those with Celiac Disease.

      1. Karen L Cogswell

        I LOVE ALDI PRICES ARE FABULOUS !HOUSE BRANDS ARE AS GOOD AN SOMETIMES BETTER than name brands.Produce unbeatable.Cashiers are fast as lightening!A great experience.

  10. Meg Huggins

    I recently started shopping at your store. I am hooked. The food is great and I am able to feed my family for much less than I used too AND they are getting healthier food. The biggest benefit though comes from the social interactions, my kids are exposed to people they wouldn’t otherwise meet. They are learning to have respect and kindness, when we go to aldi we always have an opportunity to help someone. Once we gave someone some food, once we baught someone’s apple juice when their card wouldn’t clear and once we were able to spare a quarter for someone’s cart. These are little things but they are values that benefit my kids whom only are on the receiving end at other stores. Thank you Aldi, you have changed our lives for the better!

  11. Rose

    Love this store, I used to visit the closest location which was in Ohio years ago, back in the late 80’s and we live in Michigan. We go there weekly, wish there would be a bit larger selection of meats available….

  12. Liz Rickert

    I love Aldi’s in Dixon, Sterling, and Rockford, Illinois! I have been a weekly customer for 30 years. The food quality is excellent and your customer service is too…smiles and speedy checkouts. Thank you.
    I would request Aldi’s real estate team to consider sites in Tucson, AZ. My family has grown up and relocated. I miss all my favorites when I am away from home. L Rickert

  13. Sherie Holler

    I second Tammy Smith’s request for an Aldi’s store to open in Pensacola, Florida! My sisters always talked about shopping at Aldi’s in the places they’ve lived. I even have a great location picked out for you–an empty former Food World store on Pine Forest Road (near Nine Mile Road , which is being four-laned to accommodate a huge Navy Federal expansion expected to bring in ten thousand new employees.) Please seriously consider coming here!

  14. Betty M. Howard

    I live in Lexington Kentucky and have a store only 3 minutes away. Heard the prices are good so I went there to get food for one of my neighbors and their children because they have money problems. The problem was the turkey I purchased for them they did not complain but when I asked them what they needed the next month they specifically asked that I do not get them frozen meat from Aldi. The turkey was freezer burned and could not be eaten it had to be thrown out and they never waste food. Needless to say I do not shop for either their family or mine anymore. Please improve the quality.

  15. Roz

    I live in south Jersey. I shop in your store in Brick and I really love it and recommend it highly. I am moving to north Jersey in Morris County. I would like to continue shopping in Aldi’s but I don’t know where you are located. Could you let me know so I can continue using your products. I really love Aldi’s and will miss it if you are not nearby.

  16. Liz

    When I was in Pittsburgh this summer my daughter took me to 2 ALDI. Then told me there is on near our campground in NJ. Hooray – now, PLEASE open one on Staten Island – I can promise you will be busy – and won’t just be me.

  17. Terri

    We love ALDI’s here!!! We would love for another one closer than Jackson Michigan. Hey ALDI’S Napoleon, Michigan lost their one grocery store. You should check out the location because there is business growing in the area!

  18. Mary Smith

    I love this store !!!!! Have been blessed to have found it 10 years ago…I have an in home daycare and ALDI SAVES me a ton of money…the fruits and vegetables are the biggest savings…I enjoy the seasonal items too….always a savings on those items as well… THANK YOU FOR OPENING IN WEST LAFAYETTE INDIANA AND RUNNING YOUR STORES WITH PEOPLE IN MIND


  19. James E Wikstrom

    We sure like the new store after you moved from the previous building on E. State Street from in Rockford, IL. You have all items which a person needs and priced to fit a person’s budget.
    Thank you for being in the business realm.

  20. Cathy

    Been going for years. So happy you opened one a mile from my house in Lumberton, nj. First went to Aldi in Germany when stationed there. Store has lots of German food items too. Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy items great. Never been unsatisfied with any product bought there. Do most of my shopping there now. Only go to commissary on base occasionally. Love so many items there can’t get elsewhere and the prices are low!

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