ALDI: One of America’s Top Three Favorite Grocery Store Chains

August 26, 2014 – We have some BIG news to share with you, ALDI fans! We’ve been recognized as the nation’s low-price grocery leader for the fourth year in a row, according to a recent consumer survey* conducted by Market Force Information, Inc., the world’s leading customer intelligence solutions company. Participants ranked the top grocers offering low prices and ALDI ranked No. 1, ahead of competitors like Costco, Walmart and Trader Joe’s.

As if that news isn’t sweet enough, we’ve got more! On top of this great honor, we also achieved a top five ranking in the following categories:

  • Good Private Label Brands
  • Accurate Pricing and Tags
  • Sustainable Environment / Green Policies
  • Courteous Staff
  • Fast Checkout
  • Nutrition / Health Information

This great news is a testament to the millions of shoppers (like you!) who have embraced the ALDI approach to offering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, in a simple and easy-to-navigate shopping environment.

Why do you love ALDI? Share your favorite thing about being an ALDI shopper in the comments below!

*Consumers view ALDI as the affordable price leader among leading grocers, according to Market Force Information, Inc. The survey was conducted among more than 6,200 consumers across the United States and Canada in March 2014.


19 thoughts on “ALDI: One of America’s Top Three Favorite Grocery Store Chains

  1. wesley ward

    We have heard that you are building a Aldi in Boiling Springs, South Carolina..We all hope that is true..We love shopping at Aldi but it’s quite away from us here in Boiling Springs..We believe you would do very well here..

  2. sandy

    I love the low prices, quality store brand products, greatly improved selection, and most of all the fact that the more stuff I get at Aldi, the less I have to get at Walmart. I despise Walmart! (Although I do split my shopping between Aldi & Costco regularly – sorry .) I also love that Aldi is conveniently located and usually quick to get through.

  3. Mary

    I would love to know the manufacturers of some of your private label brands. I think I’ve guessed at least one of them so far. I’m an ingredient reader since I have food sensitivities and I love Aldi for the quality of their products (love the new Simply Nature line) as well as the value! Keep up the good work!

  4. brian

    I’d shop at Aldi again if you would allow stores to have more than 3 or 4 employees on the entire store staff at a time. No wonder the ones who are there avoid eye contact and look exhausted, they have too much work to do to be bothered helping the customers. Plus I’ve heard the way the manager’s talk to the clerks, shameful. I feel like I’m supporting human trafficking by shopping at Aldi.

    Instead of buying Bottom Dollar just to close their stores down next year, Aldi should have invested in their employees and outdated stores.

    1. Carol

      Aldi in Baltimore MD (Towson) is nothing like what you describe Brian . . . all employees are very friendly and the cashiers are literally lightning-fast at checkout, while still being courteous. Amazing!

  5. Sharon Jett

    I heard from an employee of Aldi’s in Spartanburg, SC that a new store was going to come on the west side of Spartanburg. Is this true, and where would it be located at?

  6. Lisa

    I am glad to see Aldi’s come to Boiling Springs, SC….how can someone find out about applying for a job there. I know several folks eager to work & need employment!

  7. Mary Blackwell

    Thanks so much for the $10.00 coupon in Aldi’s ad for 11-05-15. I really appreciate this kind gesture since I’m on a fixed income. Shopping at the new Aldi’s in Boiling Springs, SC has been a blessing for me. I can now buy the fruits and vegetables I need for my health without spending a fortune. Loving my Aldi. God bless the management of this fantastic
    grocery store.

    1. ALDI USA

      Hi Red – ALDI has nearly 1,500 stores in 32 states and serves more than 30 million customers each month. Smart shoppers have found that switching from national brands to ALDI exclusive brands can save them up to 50 percent on the most commonly purchased grocery items. You can check our store locator by entering your zip code here:

  8. Stephanie

    Dear Aldi,
    I live in an area that only has Walmart with an aldi 30 minutes away driving. Word on the “street” was that Aldi tried to come to our city before. Supposedly Walmart told the city if Aldi came, they would not. Many of the people drive out of town just to go to Aldi including the Amish! They have drivers bring them and then they even stock their bulk food stores with Aldi items. These are the “horse and buggy” Amish. Location: Bowling Green, MO 63334

    p.s. What do we need to do in order to raise awareness with Aldi about getting a store?

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