ALDI Goes Au Naturale

January 7, 2014 – When we asked ALDI shoppers what they want to see more of on ALDI shelves, one theme became apparent: more natural and organic foods. You told us, and we listened! We couldn’t be happier to introduce a new line of simple foods exclusive to ALDI called SimplyNature. From organic milk to frozen organic blueberries, all products under the new SimplyNature line will be made with only all-natural or organic ingredients – no artificial colors or flavors here.

The best part of this new high-quality line? The everyday low ALDI price tag. Learn more about SimplyNature and the new ALDI fresh initiative on

SimplyNature Infographic


5 thoughts on “ALDI Goes Au Naturale

  1. Daleen Fisher

    I am a new shopper at Aldi’s in Raleigh, NC after having discovered the store just before Christmas. I was very!!! pleased to find stolen and other German goodies and chocolate at such reasonable prices!!!! After the recent horse meat incident- involving two frozen meal items, which I thankfully did not buy, I was leery of continuing to shop at Aldi’s. I am glad I was near the store recently and saw the Fit and Active line of foods, as well as many Simply Natural and Simply Natural certified Organic food items! I loaded up on many healthy and affordable foods I hope we will enjoy. I enjoy the uncluttered environment of the store, the cleanliness, and the adventure in finding new and different items that rotate into the store- and of course I love the bargains! It is a HUGE service to find affordable, healthy, organic food options to feed my family. I do not use SNAP benefits, but I was pleased to see Aldi’s accepts them, so people can stretch their food budget and afford healthy foods. I have been quite impressed with the produce selection and prices, and adore the rotation of exciting cheeses and hummus, though have been disappointed a few times to find some produce out of stock. I was very pleased to find, and try Auslese German wine, perfect for pairing with the sweets of Christmas and the holidays! I travel quite some distance to shop at a Raleigh store, as my local stores do not carry the interesting items the Aldi’s store does. (I recently bought 8 jars of the sweet and hot mustard- it was a huge hit with friends and family I shared mine with, and they put in orders! Since you are now carrying more natural and organic foods, I will make it a point to shop there every week while in the area for my daughter’s weekly dance class. I have been telling everyone I know about the organic and natural foods Aldi’s is now carrying! It would be nice to have an Aldi’s in Louisburg, NC, and there is even an empty building which previously housed a small grocery store, on Nash Street 🙂 Ps. I would hope Aldi’s would be very careful to avoid problems as recently came to light, concerning the meat in the frozen meals. I would like to know that I can trust the source of meals I serve my family and eat myself. Thank you for carrying Simple Nature and Fit and Active products!

    1. ALDI USA

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we love hearing from our shoppers. Regarding the incident you mentioned, we wanted to reassure you that product is not sold in the US, and no ALDI US products were affected by the UK product withdrawal that occurred in February. We believe a recirculated news story from February has caused some confusion among our US customers, so we’re glad you asked. As an ALDI fan, please feel free to help us clear up this misunderstanding by sharing this information with your friends.

  2. Emily

    We have been regular shoppers at Aldi for the last 10 years in Mid-Missouri and we enjoy it! My husband and i went shopping last night and we were sooo excited to see sooo many new Organic products! We got a little bit of everything from the organic milk and organic string cheese to organic teddy grams and pizza to honey and cereal…and then we are very excited about the organic bananas, apples, carrots, and tomatoes!! Please keep it up!! Especially in Mexico Missouri!! Thanks so much! Also, we enjoy the staff! Very friendly-feels like family! Great job and great store!

  3. Suzanne Moss

    Our family is loving the new line of veggies chips you have started carrying!! Keep these coming….. The Exotic blend we especially love. One of the items in the exotic bag almost looks like a tortilla chip… would the company you get them from consider doing just a separate bag of those?
    We would also recommend bigger bags because they are so good… we are buying in bulk!!! Thanks so much!

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