ALDI Fridge Fill

August 8, 2016 – Whether you’re feeding little mouths at home, or sending your kids off to college, there will always be a few products you should have on hand for your finicky eater. We’ve rounded up our favorite staple eats for students from kindergarten to college.

We’re sweetening up back-to-school season, with chances to win $500! Just share an original photo of your favorite study snack from your public Twitter or Instagram account and tell us why it’s your fave, using the hashtags #ALDIFridgeFill and #Entry for your chance to win! You can also enter on the ALDI USA Facebook here. Good luck!

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36 thoughts on “ALDI Fridge Fill

  1. Denise Roberts

    With 3 kids and 2 in private school this would be amazing. I have shopped at Aldi’s for 16 years (since moving to Ohio from Florida). Best place to shop in the world!!

  2. Diana

    I now have 3 grandchildren living with me. Aldis is a lifesaver, allowing me to give them healthy foods at a very affordable price.

  3. Dawn

    My granddaughter just started school this year, and my kids are having a hard time. This would be awesome to win for them. I would love to be able to fill their fridge.

  4. Jennie Goggin

    Love love love Aldis starting shopping at the first Indianapolis store , back in the 80’s. Gotten way more great choices since then , love the prices , and the food ! Can not beat Aldis !

  5. Nadine

    Awesome food
    Low prices
    Delicious snacks
    Inexpensive for the dollar to go further

    What better way to feed the family, and friends.
    No need to shop anywere else.

  6. Crissy Staton

    6 kiddos & 5 start school next Wednesday! This would help tremendously since they’ll all take their lunch everyday. We shop Aldi religiously! Favorite grocery store
    #ALDIfridgefill #Entry

  7. Jana Koval

    I shop at Aldis weekly. Fresh produce , friendly associates, clean store. A full fridge is normal, but help filling it would be great.


    Aldi’s carries one of the most affordable Gluten Free lines around! Love the variety and changes the store has brought to their aisles.

  9. Karen Palazzolo

    Your stores are a great place to shop! Very friendly employees. Store is always in stock and ready for business! I would love to win the prize and fill our fridge! Thanks for what you do!

  10. Emily Burnham

    I have be super careful on fat with my son he’s got eating disorder. I love it on snacks like light whip cream he loves I go regular grocery store buy fat free ice cream. And Aldi’s fruits veggies rice snacks angel cake. 3 grams fat per package on chocolate drizzled rice cakes . Gummy treats no fat. I wish they had fat free cheese. And leaner beef.

  11. Dawn Everett

    I love Aldi! I used to drive 30 miles to shop at the Benton Harbor, MI Aldi. Now there is one about 6 miles from my house. Great prices, wonderful selection of foods!

  12. Krystal Thomas

    This would be great for me and my little baby’s being a mother that has a newborn and a kid that’s about to start school

  13. Diarrhea lopez

    Won a $275.00 coupon this morning on facebook. Went to look your ph# to call make sure ligit.,t
    Automated message to go to website did. When I came back to complete for $275.00 coupon it’s gone. Can you send me one please sure would help. Thank you!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi! Since we mostly offer our own exclusive brands, and we already negotiate the best possible prices for name brands, we don’t accept manufacturer’s coupons.

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