ALDI-Exclusive Products: Food You Can Feel Good About

October 1, 2015 – With trends in the food sphere changing every day, it can be difficult to tell which ingredients we should be paying attention to, as well as which ones we should avoid. But no need to stress – that’s where ALDI comes in!

Our products are clearly labeled so that customers can make informed decisions about their food choices. More than 90 percent of products sold in our stores are under ALDI exclusive brands, meaning we’re able to offer customers an even wider selection of food choices they can feel good about.

As part of our commitment to quality, we’re constantly working to improve the nutritional profile of our products – and those products are about to get even better. We have committed to removing certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fats) and added MSG from all of our exclusive brand food products. We began this process in 2014, and customers will begin to see these products in stores this fall, with fully updated product lines in stores by the end of 2015.

Let’s learn a little more about the ingredients we’re taking OUT of your ALDI food purchases:

  • Synthetic colors are additives that are certified by the FDA for use in food products. ALDI will be replacing synthetic color additives with plant-based ingredients, such as beet juice, paprika and turmeric.
  • MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a flavor enhancer added to foods. Currently, approximately 96 percent of ALDI exclusive brand products have no added MSG.
  • ALDI will complete the removal of PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils) well ahead of the Food and Drug Administration’s recently announced mandate for U.S. food manufacturers to remove the ingredient by 2018.

Our decision to remove these ingredients from our food products delivers on our ongoing commitment to meet the evolving preferences of our customers and we believe the benefits outweigh the differences you may notice. We’re proud to make healthy living easy and affordable. How has ALDI bettered your food choices?

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267 thoughts on “ALDI-Exclusive Products: Food You Can Feel Good About

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Thanks for your question, Cheryl. We currently carry select items which are certified to be made according to practices that avoid GMOs. Consumers who prefer foods that avoid GMO ingredients should look for ALDI products that are certified organic by the USDA or verified by the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit, third-party verification and labeling organization for non-GMO foods. Organic and Non-GMO Project verified products can be identified by the seal on the packaging.

      1. Michelle

        OK – this is no different than any other grocery store. Shop organic, shop Non-GMO Verified – that’s the same everywhere. Why are you not striving to set yourself higher than the other stores in terms of your brands being GMO-free? You have control over that more so many other retailers because you carry mostly your own brands. I’m disappointed in this cop-out.

        1. Rachel

          I am beyond excited to see the changes for choosing better ingredients, but I really hope Aldi does consider taking it a step further to improve this; including removing all GMO foods, and more additives in meat such as sodium nitrate & sodium nitrite.

          1. Lorraine Romero

            Was extremely disappointed in all beef products sold at Aldi’s. I will never purchase them again. Now I stick to their never any Chickens and Turkey.
            I had no problems with pork products but the BEEF NEVER AGAIN!

        2. Elizabeth

          Your disappointed. I hope you never become allergic to any artificial red coloring. It’s in everything. Thanks to Aldi. I do not know what I would do without them. Think of anything red and processed or basic items. I love there move to change over.

          1. Dick Murphy - Lynchburg, va

            Not true on that red dye statement. Lots of foods and supplements labeled “natural” or organic use natural food coloring like beet juice, cherry extract, and others. Please do some homework before making broad, general statements like that one.

        3. Nina

          I have to Agree with that statement, why would you even sell any GMO’S kind of hypocritical if you ask me. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

          1. Jenny England

            May I remind all of you that without GMO foods, we would not have navel oranges, all of our bananas would be about three inches long and all of our apples would be tiny and horribly pocked! You should not generalize about GMO. I don’t agree with Monsanto and the genetic modification they are doing with pesticides, but our food supply has definitely benefited from some of the genetic modifications that have taken place.

          2. Cathie

            Jenny England, so not true. Not sure where you get your ino from, but I’ve seen plenty of apples and foods that weren’t genetically modified that are not small. My family farm did not use genetically modified veggies/fruit varieties and they were normal size.

            But then again we are so used the franken foods that we don’t know what the correct size of foods is- if you’re used to a two inch thick chicken breast that’s pumped full of hormones to make them extra large for a cheap price then you won’t know that normal chicken does not look like that.

      2. Deborah Nenninger

        Please Please Please, sell all Non MGO’s fresh fruits and veggies. Your prices are awesome and so reasonable but the health of my family and myself is important and MGO’s are not a good thing. Our bodies does not recognize what man is changing . They are fake foods and will make us sick. God made nature for our health and MGO’s are screwing it all up. Cape Girardeau, Mo. store please! Thank you for trying to do better. The shoppers do appreciate it. Specially those who understand what this means.

        1. ...

          Do you even know what a GMO actually is and the linkage between our bodies and bad health because it hasn’t been scientifically proven they are the cause of problems…

          1. Juan

            With all due respect. Any thing that man touches and tries to change is not good for mankind. FDA has allowed chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic to be put into the foods we ingest. I am glad Aldi’s has taken a big step to eliminate all GMO’s from their stores, or most of them even.

          2. Julia

            It actually has been proven. There hasn’t been any human testing done because Monsanto (the company responsible for GMOs) won’t allow it. But there have been studies done on animals, and the results were absolutely horrifying. GMOs are producing irreversible effects, and the lifelong effects that they’ll produce on humans is still completely unknown. But if you’d rather continue to eat them, be my guest – just don’t insult the rest of us who are actually trying to be conscious of the foods and chemicals we allow in our bodies. Because yes, I “do know what a GMO actually is and that it HAS been scientifically proven that they are the cause of the problems between our bodies and bad health.”

            Thanks 🙂

          3. Kitty

            Well, GMO is genetically modified organisms incase you are unaware. How can that be healthy who knows what has been crossed with natural foods to make it resistant to diseases, insects and to grow bigger. I’m not going to assume it’s good for me just because it hasn’t been proven harmful. I want to know what in my food!

          4. Donna

            To all of you, our Federal Government…including most of our state representatives voted against our product labels actually having to be true when it comes to non-GMO and Organic labeling earlier this year. I live in Texas and my own representatives, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn voted against the act that organic and non-gmo food products actually have to be completely organic and non-gmo. So until we all start contacting our state representatives and make our voices heard….or start our own farms in our backyards….our food doesn’t actually have to be as it is labeled. Aldi does not market itself to be a health-food store. It is a retailer that tries to be a little more conscious when it comes to what’s in our food and offering it at a lower price. If you want a Whole Foods, who does market themselves to that particular consumer, then shop at Whole Foods and stop bashing Aldi.

        2. Susan Pendell

          Jenny England: You are confusing Hybrid with GMO. Hybrids aren’t a problem to eat. GMO’s mean genetically modified organism. Hybrids are done by pollination within the species, inbred and then bred to another inbred species, but the same species, by natural means. Alternatively GMO is done in a lab, it is gene splicing and manipulation and for ex. spider genes mixed in with corn genes, maybe some goat genes added. GMO is NEVER okay. I’ve worked with both.

          1. Jess

            Susan and Robert – I would love if you could email me directly regarding this.
            I am just starting to research GMOs and it scares me to death – what I feed my 4 year old is important to me. Thank you!!

        3. Robert

          That’s bull about “without GMO’s” etc we wouldn’t have any navel oranges, bananas etc. Plant breeding for specific traits is totally different than inserting DNA into the
          nucleus to force BT toxin production or Roundup resistance, so they can spray 10x
          the herbicide on it. GMO nuclei are more unstable and spread their traits to other species. Now some humans have “roundup ready” resistant gut bacteria. Can’t wait until they start producing BT toxins-then the intestinal bacteria would be poisoning
          the host human.

      3. Chelsea Amaio

        I know your company is from Germany. If some of your food items say “product of Germany” as I’ve seen in numerous items, are those non GMO since they’re banned over there? Thanks!

        1. Nina

          Good question and I don’t know Why they referred you to customer service, I would like to know the answer to that as well. I am Researching their products as I wanted to shop there specifically for that reason. I heard products were from Germany and they are Supposed to be GMO free there, but I am very hesitant now that they are referring you to customer service when this should have been answered on this forum for ALL consumers and prospective patron’s.

          1. Nancy

            Please answer this question publicly (here on this page). It is an important question and it appears that you are trying to make the information private, or at least, difficult to find. Why would you want your customers to jump through hoops to find the answer to a simple yes or no question?

            You could contact customer service and then publish the reply here. Easy-peasy.

          2. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Nancy. Most of our SimplyNature products are certified organic by the USDA, and the rest are either Non-GMO Project verified or entered into the verification process. Just look for the organic seal on the packaging. To learn more about our SimplyNature line of products and other #healthy options at ALDI, visit

          3. R.S.

            Aldi has taken great strides, it is not easy to keep up with thousands of questions and their support team is great. I highly recommend that you contact them with questions and then you could post the answer for others to see as well. Let’s not be so critical of a company that is already leaps and bounds ahead of other markets and is doing what it can to help its shoppers be healthier. They are 3 years ahead for removing PHOs and they are the most consumer conscious brand around. I have full confidence that Aldi will continue to do everything they can to make more improvements. In the meantime, lets do a little leg work ourselves.

          4. B in england

            Here here. !! Why not just answer the question. I’m here trying to learn if thier sugar is GMO??? A nice blanket statement saying we don’t sell gmo’s would be lovely ! Or at least supply product information for those of us who care to check. Transparency should be clear enough!

      4. Brenda

        Non GMO doesn’t mean Free of GMO’S. Why aren’t they labeling them Free of GMO’S if the product has no GMO in the hem? They still have Gmo in the products. I’d really like to know.

      5. Jeremy

        Love that ALDI is offering any more healthy choices. But if they really want to be leaders in this movement they should go GMO free. This country needs a national grocery chain like ALDI to raise the bar and provide consumers with foods that have not been genetically altered.

      6. Barry Wenhold

        So the short answer is “NO.” All of their foods are NOT non-GMO.

        The worst part of this is that some of their foods that were non-GMO, simply by default of the ingredients used, have been changed to contain ingredients known to be derived from Genetically Modified Organisms. Specifically: Little Salad Bar Hummus.

        I used to by ALDI brand hummus exclusively because it was made with Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil instead of the GMO oils (Soybean and Canola) used in other brands. I no longer buy hummus from ALDI’s because they switched to using Soybean Oil (GMO) instead of the nutritionally superior and safer oils, Sunflower and Olive.

        This type of change is in direct contrast to their claims:
        “As part of our commitment to quality, we’re constantly working to improve the nutritional profile of our products – and those products are about to get even better”

        (GMO) Soybean Oil is NOT better in any way; it’s reckless.

    2. Aline

      GO ALDI !!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!! PLEASE also remove corn syrup, sweeteners, and GMOs! I’ve been a huge fan of Aldi since my first visit, but my selection of food there is still very limited due to those ingredients in addition to the ones mentioned in this article. I do love though that the price of their organic products are massively less expensive compared to other grocers. That’s the number one reason I love you Aldi.

        1. Dietmar Schlei

          Not only remove the corn syrup (and any product of that kind that is cleverly hidden behind new naming conventions), but reduce the sugar content of your products in general. Everybody form Europe, who buys sweetened foods over her in the US can hardly comprehend, how over sweetened everything here is!
          Help your customers to keep their weight under control and at the same time people who have diabetes can eat some of those products!

        2. Tina Pintor

          Please avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup products. I know it’s in just about everything now, but the Further Down in the list of ingredients the better.
          Thank you

        3. Rosa

          I too feel limited to purchasing certain items, and not have to go to two supermarkets 🙁 Now, I’d love to see Aldi also remove corn syrup and sucralose.

          1. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Rosa. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll share it with the appropriate team.

        4. Marcia Mullins

          Foods that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup a a major contributor to the obestry epidemic, and obesity is a major contributor to the high cancer rate.

          Nitrates and nitrites ditto.

          Whole Foods products contain neither.

          As a colon cancer survivor and awareness advocate, I urge Aldi to join Whole Foods in removing foods with those products from their shelves.

      1. Juanita Vega DeJoseph

        Good news for now. Please remove high fructose corn syrup, and in personal care items consider carrying fragrance free p, phlalate free items. Also any chance of carrying U.S grown produce exclusively and pacific brand 7 grain beverage would be awesome!

      2. Anonymous

        Agree please remove gmos… Be the best! I love your stores. I don’t shop anywhere else for food ..unless its the farmers market. I love all the changes..your company is truly amazing. Keep it up!!!

    3. Jan

      Please let us be like your European customers who get to have non-GMO and low-sugar and no corn syrup items. Why should we rate less than your European customers. I hate that so many things have sugar or corn syrup; yuck! Differentiate yourself and watch business boom here in the USA! People from Europe who go to Aldi here are amazed that we do not have what they have. Otherwise, very happy with your stores. Been shopping there off and on since the 1980s!

      1. Tracy

        I agree. Aldi’s would get so much more business, happier customers, if they likened their US stores to those in Europe. I’ve never shopped at Aldi’s, but plan to when they finish building one in our area. After seeing the ads, I do like that they have organic and gluten free items and appreciate their lower prices; just cut the corn syrup, sugar and GMO’s!!

    4. Ron

      The Valley in Texas needs some stores. Pharr, McAllen, Brownsville, Laredo, Zapata, Roma, Rio Grande City and several more. HEB corners the market in these areas with no other choices other than Wal Mart.


    5. Angela J.

      We’re in Baltimore, MD and shop at Aldi all the time. My husband and daughter are both German citizens (und wir sind in Deutschland jeden Sommer). It’s great to be able to get German chocolate and pickles, and European cheeses at such a good price. I also love that you’ve been slowly increasing your selection of organic products. You definitely have the best price in the city for organic kale, for example. And in the past year you’ve started selling organic milk at our store and have introduced some vegetarian meat substitutes (we’re vegetarian). You have the best price for organic milk in Baltimore. The store closest to our house is in a relatively low income neighborhood and I praise you for being the only grocery store to offer healthy food options at low prices that the local residents there can afford. Grocery stores in fixed income neighborhoods usually don’t offer organic options at all, and when you go into the zip codes that do sell organic, the prices are three times as high. I’d like to mirror the request that I see in many other posts. Please increase the availability of non-GMO foods and provide clear “non-GMO” labeling on products that don’t have them. I’d also like to know if your products imported from Germany are non-GMO. More people want this. By becoming better with labeling non-GMO products you’d really build a dedicated customer base of people in America who are frustrated by our unhealthy food supply.

    6. Suzanne

      I am so happy you are moving in this healthier direction. Better than other food stores.
      I will be bringing my business to Aldi’s!
      I hope to see you continue in this direction. It will bring a lot more business to your stores.
      Thank you! Thank you!

    7. Robyn brown

      Im told we have to have gmo…what a croc…its about money…l grew up with beautiful fruit vegetables not gmo and tasted great and normal size….we should sue every company that produces gmo especially those companies that pay money not to have their products labled We have the RIGHT TO NO HOW OUR FOOD IS MADE ETC ETC..Our life our right

    8. Valerie Kirchner

      my thoguhts on Aldis: Their potatos, apples are likely modified, (i say this only because the flavor is bland, or they are rotting from the inside out, yet are crisp) all of their bagels have sugar added, and most of their salsa has sugar added. indeed it would be great to have real food! Their “Speciality mild Salsa” taste awful, the one without sugar! I once bought “german” pretzels, which were baked with sugar, Which I am pretty sure is not how they make them in Germany. i have returned at least 5 items bought there and my choices for no sugar, no GMO, are extremely limited. but they are very gracious about their return policy and I am hoping their German ownership, will influence their improved commitment to quality. And please, reduce the cart size, they dont need to be so large. Finally, their staff at the Hadley store are wonderful, so Kudos for keeping me as a customer!

    9. Marissa Rocher

      There is an Aldi being build in my town of Temecula, CA. This was the first question that popped to my mind. I was also wondering if thier brand was exclusively non-gmo. Very disappointing that we are getting yet another grocery store that offers products that are harmful to our health. That’s great that you are concerned about being environmentally responsible but what about offering non-gmo chemical free food that is affordavle. That is what informed consumers really want.

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    1. Grace

      Please remove sodium nitrates, corn sweeteners and artificial preservatives. I have been coming to Aldi’s for at least 20 years and tell all of my friends how cost efficient it is to shop here. Love that you are taking the responsible route in removing most artificial items from your food source.

  3. Misty

    This is such a great article. I love Aldi’s. Would like to know when you will be building a store closer to me. I live outside Fredericksburg, Pa. Many thanks

      1. Ruth

        We are a little disappointed, what happened to building that store in Vero Beach FLorida on Hway 60, by the Mall ?
        I’m a big fan of Aldi’s . Please don’t give up. I’m looking forward shopping at Aldi’s in Vero Beach.

  4. Juliane Belisle

    THANK YOU! I can’t say it enough! I am a loyal Aldi customer and often recommend it to my friends. Me and my family are very sensitive to MSG and this decision makes my shopping easier as I can spend less time reading labels (although, I still read almost everything I put in my cart out of habit). Thank You for taking care of my family like it is your own.

  5. Emilee

    Our family limits gluten because of its inflammatory nature, and because we have a child with autism and asthma. We have been really pleased with the amount of gluten free products available in your “LiveGFree” line. This week, we purchased that mac n cheese and shells and cheese for the first time, and we were mot disappointed. I wouldn’t have known it was gluten free if I hadn’t bought it myself! We are also Kefir enthusiasts, and are happy to be able to find it in your store, since its usually only available at the high-end specialty grocery stores (can’t even find it at Wal-Mart!). I’m so glad to hear that now artificial dyes will be removed in favor of natural colors! Thanks for being a grocery company who actually cares about what you put in your products and the results they have on your customers’ health!

  6. Beth

    I am so happy to see that ALDI has chosen to take this step to healthier ingredients. My parents buy a large part of their food from ALDI and this helps me rest a little easier. Thank you, ALDI!

  7. karen civitella

    Wow! I’ve only shopped there once and because of lack of organic food etc. I opted for Wegmans. I think I might go back there and check it out. I’m really, really impressed with the change as I never expected to see this. Thank you Aldis

  8. Jeffery Ables

    I love Aldi’s ! Thanks for improving your already awesome products! Wish you would come to Louisiana. I lived in Hendersonville, TN over 25 years ago and first found Aldi’s there…STILL long for that store! Always check for an Aldi’s when I travel. Stock the pantry when I can…hate using the last can or bottle of anything… Knowing that I will be on the hunt again. Our family that still lives in TN brings us care packages when they visit. Not a reliable supply …LOL! I live near several areas that would support a store. Alexandria, LA, Monroe, LA, Shreveport, LA, Lafayette ,LA and Natchez, MS.

  9. Lyzz

    I love that your going more towards healthier, with that said can you add more selections of gluten free. Bins English muffins etc and maybe dine began non dairy sour cream, cream cheese and grated

  10. Sheryl neulreich

    I love aldi I have been a loyal customer for years. I am ever so grateful for the prices and affordability of their fresh fruits and veggies. I could go on and on about my likening of all your products.

  11. Dawn shields

    Thankyou for caring about health, about your health and your customers health. It all has to begin somewhere and you are taking a huge committed stand. Very impressive.

  12. Susan Echols

    I love shopping at Aldi and have done so for years. There are so many choices and varieties of food items. I would request that they stock frozen cauliflower. There are many people in my area (Mt. Vernon, IL) that would buy it. Right now I usually buy mine at Walmart and they can’t keep enough stocked up and are out of it a lot of the time. I would prefer to buy my frozen cauliflower at Aldi.

  13. Bonnie

    Recently started shopping here- have been very happy with most products. Extra virgin olive oil did not taste lake olive oil- other than that, very happy.

    1. Cristina

      Thanks for the tip, Bonnie. ALDI is comming to our neighborhood at Seminary Plaza, in West Alexandria, VA and I am waiting to try the place. I cook exclusively with extra virgin olive oil and quality in these matters is very important. Thanks!

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  16. Maggie gatta

    I have been shopping at Aldis for a few years now, like it a lot! But I have to say that the Specially Selected Sea Salt Pita Chips changed and not for the good. They have lost some flavor and now have an extremely hard crunch! Booooo. Disappointed.

  17. Rini

    I remember as a little girl Aldi’s was pretty much the only store my mother would take us to go grocery shopping. Now as a young adult I haven’t been to Aldi’s in quite a long while but this news has me giving them a second look!

  18. Rebecca Cash

    Thank you! This is great news! I care about what foods I eat & feed to my family! I applaud Aldi for being ahead of other retailers!
    I keep hoping an Aldi will open in Richmond, KY!
    Thanks, again

  19. Ros MacIsaac

    I remember shopping at an Aldi store in Clinton, IA waaaaay back in the 70’s 🙂 with my mom! LOL…. pretty informal then. I wish we had one here in central Washington State, we sure would love that. Any Chance? There are some items I would love to at least be able to order online but haven’t found a way to do that yet? Is that possible? Thank you.So glad to see Aldi’s still around and growing!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Ros – We want to be where our ALDI fans are located and appreciate your desire to have an ALDI near you! We’ll pass your suggestion on to our real estate team. Also, as much as we appreciate your interest, we do not offer online shopping at this time. Thank you for being an ALDI fan and have a great day!

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  22. keli

    Love it! I agree with others about removing HFC and it’s renamed counterpart- fructose sweetener. It is one of the main ingredients I check for.

  23. Helmut

    I loved the Tastes Like Butter in the round tub…Since you changed to the square tub the it no longer says { made with sweet cream buttermilk} I can’t cook with it because it doesn’t melt the same.It stays like a yellow Blob in the pan ,and also on toast…I’m not buying anymore..Very disappointed…Friends say the same thing…Thank You …

  24. Evelyn

    Very pleased to hear about the healthy changes Aldi has made. Ad mentioned above can you next endeavor br GMO free priducts and aldo High Frutose Corn Syrup. Thanks.

  25. Danielle

    So glad to hear this! I am a loyal Aldi shopper for about 60% of my family’s grocery needs and this change will increase my purchases at your store in Carlisle PA. Keep up the good work!

  26. Anne McKeag

    Thank You, Thank you, Thank you Aldis .I am so grateful for the care and concern that you have for the consumer. MSG causes me to have severe migraine headaches, A great help for parent’s with ADD and hyperactive children, is eliminating the food dye’s, also appreciate the organic fresh fruit’s and vegetables and the canned good’s Next step please get rid of all the GMO product’s Keep up the good work.

    Grateful customer

  27. Kate

    I’m glad that Aldis is so proactive but I have to comment on the new margarine formula/recipe. It is horrible, taste terrible, looks horrible when melted. I think someone got it wrong and wish the old one was back! I have to buy “I can’t believe it’s butter” and pay a higher price to replace what I use to get at Aldis. Too bad , I hope this doesn’t happen to too many of your food changes/ improvements.

  28. kodiak kidd

    ALDI – Please note that removing synthetic colors is great, however if you are replacing it with GMO Beet Juice, you are introducing an even greater toxin.

    Please do not add Beet Juice to your products if it is derived from genetically modified beets.
    Thank you!

  29. Bonnie

    Please consider taking out the soy from your products too. Unfermented soy studies show is the only way we should be eating soy. For some of us we are sensitive or allergic to soy, corn and wheat. I was really enjoying your gluten free tortilla’s but had to stop buying them because they have soy in them. Please continue to bring us products that we can trust. Thank you.

  30. Johanna

    This is wonderful news! I am shopping more and more at Aldi’s, and for one major reason: you are carrying more and more organic foods at great prices! Though a lot of the times when I read labels I find high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, regular corn syrup, yeast extract, mono and di glycerides, etc. I simply have to put the item down. I believe you would attract more and more high end shoppers, if you removed these additional ingredients from your products.

    Thank you!

  31. Valerie

    Thank you so much! Have been an ALDI shopper for many years & promote it to anyone who will listen. I have been thrilled with your growing selection of Organic & Fit & Active products & was so pleased to hear your latest announcement. I believe that one of the many causes of cancer is the prolific ingesting of artificial colors & flavors, preservatives, fillers, etc. So to see you offer so many healthy choices in your stores is wonderful – & for soooo much less in cost than other grocery stores. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Valerie

      An addendum: ALDI frozen broccoli florets are the BEST! I have purchased that item in many different stores but yours taste like they were picked & frozen fresh! I eat broccoli every day so I get several bags at a time. Plus they are less expensive than anywhere else!
      But.. I do wish you’d sell frozen cut leaf spinach! That seems like a staple to me & I look for it every time I’m there – hoping you’ve decided to carry it. Thanks for letting me add-on. Valerie

  32. Chantal Shoaf

    Hello, I’m a weekly shopper at Aldi and buy 90% of my groceries at your store. I’d like to know if ractopamine is in the meat I buy at Aldi? Thank you

  33. Nanette

    Awesome. Keep at it. Could you work on organic grass fed meat please. With the information referring to meat coming from outside the US could you please clarify that meats are raised AND processed in the US.

  34. joe swanson

    more than other stores are doing, thank you….remove corn syrup and you have a bigger advantage over other stores and happy customers…..great start , now just come to staten island ny.

  35. Darren

    I would like to thank Aldis for there stores and good foods , I have read a ton of the replys and now realize how hard it is to provide Great food at Great prices with all the uninformed people who listen to all the latest hype on food and have every condition and want special foods…..First to the useful idiots GMO is all whackos making outrageous claims that haven’t a clue as to what there talking about ,,,,,its unbelievable how easy the masses can be controlled….Most so called ORGANIC food is anything but organic….people are being swindled by all the false info about food…If you want to eat healthy remove all grains from your diet. Gluten is the smaller problem the main problem is what grain turns into in the body,,,,it turns to sugar,,,,people get fat from eating grain, not from eating fat…people need to educate themselves on how a body works. If you understand how bad grains are on the body you would avoid them lime the plague …..What’s the difference between eating high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, and bread? There is no difference inside the body its all sugar

  36. John

    I love Aldis, however, the non synthetic colors in your new Blueberry Shredded Wheat Cereal will certainly make people healthier because they won’t eat it. Whatever you did to it, ruined it’s flavor and texture. Watch for your sales on this particular product to plummet. Change it back to the original recipe, please. Also please bring back the pink cap Satin Soft fabric softener. Thanks for being my favorite grocery store.

  37. Liz

    Thank you SO much. I live in fear of MSG because it causes migraines for me. Can you please list what brands that you carry that will be MSG free? Also, when will we know what brands are already using this policy?

    Thank you again. I couldn’t love shopping at Aldi more!

  38. Frances J. Atwood

    For a very short period of time I was able to purchase the N2 electrolyte beverage with no artificial colors. I see that the store went back to the original N2 with artificial colors. Can you please explain to me why there is artificial colors again if you claim that that you are committed to removing them

  39. Marsha

    Thank you Aldi! We already shop Aldi due to your great organic and dye free food and am so happy to hear that there will be even more choices for us! We are a dye free family due to its adverse effects on my child and myself. And are happy to fill the cart with even more of your great food.

  40. Leslie Conway

    We have gluten and corn allergies thank you for adding gluten free items, I wish that you would also take corn syrup out and use other oils than corn oil or add corn free items. Many people are finding themselves allergic to corn now and the use of corn in most of your foods limits our purchase choices at your store. Other than that we love to shop at Aldi.

  41. Renee

    Thanks Aldi’s for providing us with great food choices and many high quality preservative free food choices! I will always be a loyal customer. Thanks for Trader Joe’s also! Keep up the good work!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Renee! There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so thank you for the opportunity to clarify this. While shoppers may see some similarities between the two stores ALDI US and Trader Joe’s are independently operated companies with no joint ownership. For questions about Trader Joe’s, please contact them directly.

  42. yvonne

    I love the healthy choices at Aldi as my husband and I are diabetics with heart disease. We are on a limited income and we are able to eat healthier by going to Aldi because the prices are lower. I also have heart failure and wish you carried more low sodium products. Would you consider carrying at least low sodium crackers please? Thank you.

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  44. Beth T

    I’ve been a big fan of Aldi for a long time! I have been dealing with severe MSG sensitivities for the last 7 years and I appreciate your stand on this. However, there are many ways this comes to us without being labeled as MSG such as autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, malted barley, isolated proteins, malt syrup, natural flavors, etc. I can always tell when a safe product with obscure labeling has been reformulated and I become sick. I have not been able to use your frozen chicken (injected with flavor enhancing solution), flour (malted barley flour added), salad dressings, bacon bits, feta and bleu cheese, sausage (natural flavors changed?), and all the bread, cereal, and crackers have some hidden source. My fear is that this new policy could make shopping even more difficult since glutamate could be more concealed in the labeling. What we really need is for grocers to understand that the problem isn’t just MSG as an additive chemical but the processed excitatory amino acid, glutamate, that can be introduced from natural sources for the same flavor-enhancing reason.

    1. Kevin

      And thank you ALDI’S for making a step in the right direction!

      Why don’t you provide some food/healthcare education classes to your loyal customers? That would be excellent for people on a low budget to shop with their nutritional profile in mind.

  45. Beth Pell

    I am excited about the changes you are making. I am an avid Aldi shopper who buys every possible thing I can at Aldi. Since I am commited to my health, there are things that I do not purchase at Aldi because they contain ingredients I feel would undermine my health. Please take high fructose corn syrup out of your foods. Thank you for the other positive changes this blog spoke of. I am thrilled my favorite grocery store is cleaning up its food.

  46. Homeinsight

    We love Aldi & the trend toward healthier, cleaner food products being offered… please continue to do this across the board… not just in the few items that are available under your store brand. It’s sad that I still can’t do ALL my shopping at Aldi because of unnecessary, harmful preservatives in the breads and bakery goods, artificial colors in the regular cheddar shredded cheese and other dairy products like cottage cheese and flavored yogurts, and additives in meat products, condiments, specialty items, so many other items that are daily use items that we need and purchase elsewhere. I would also LOVE to see free range eggs added to the offerings as we purchase those weekly and go for the most humanely treated animal products that we can afford and acquire weekly.

  47. Victor

    We enjoyed shopping at Aldi’s. I’m concerned about buying mayonnaise and your salad dressings that contain soy bean oil. Why is soybean oil being used? Our concern is that the soybean oil is not being fermented properly, but formented chemically.

  48. Faith

    I love Aldi – The only suggestion I have is please set up a chilled area for your produce. Most of what I buy is pretty much “over the hill” before I get home. At least it seems that way. Also, try buying locally when produce is in season. Lettuce, celery, etc. really needs to be refrigerated Everything else is right on the mark. I shop once a month for most of my groceries – in this order – Aldi, Price Rite, Sav-a-Lot – then Tops.

    Keep up the good work!

  49. Janw

    What happened to the store that was supposed to be built in Zephyrhills, Florida? We were disappointed that It was not even started when we came back this last fall.

  50. Mark

    Hi — We are ALDI fans in a big way and enjoy all the extras we get that make eating fun. We approve of your move to take synthetic colors and other additives out of our foods.
    We particularly enjoy seafood and are worried about the shrimp. International investigations have shown American consumers are buying shrimp produced by child and slave labor. What is ALDI doing about this situation?
    Thanks for being such a great company.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Mark – Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We understand that recent media coverage is unsettling, and we want you to know that we are committed to the highest standards of responsible behavior and integrity in all our relationships, including with our suppliers. To put it simply, ALDI does not tolerate any form of forced labor and related practices among our suppliers. We expect our business partners throughout the supply chain to be in full compliance with all applicable national laws and regulations, industry standards and the International Labour Organization Conventions. Additionally, our business partners must ensure that any work performed for them is carried out in the same manner. For more information on the ALDI CR Policy and Supplier Standards, please click here:

  51. Bruce

    You are not right in our neighborhood, but I visit your store whenever I can. It’s 20 minutes from home, so that’s good. I love your simplicity, friendly staff and atmosphere, healthy foods, amazing prices & honest efforts to put healthy, interesting and socially responsible foods out. Thank you!

    My wife and I got food at a grocery in Iceland a few years ago. They had NO bags there. Your store reminds me of that great experience. I remember to bring in my own bags 85% of the time at any grocery now : ) Simple steps!

  52. Bob Truth

    Don’t just stop at economically unfeasible measures like getting rid of corn syrup and GMOs, but makes your all of products free as well!

  53. Kelly

    Never any hot dogs and more variety of lunch meat in the never any line. I found these back in the summer fell in love with them and now they are gone. Ask the store associate was told it is a seasonal item. For some one that lives on this line of food it would be nice to have more of a selection. The hotdogs were awesome coming from a non hotdog eater.

  54. Stacey in Shawnee

    According to this post, all the hydrogenated oils were to be removed by the end of 2015. Your peanut butter still lists hydrogenated oil as an ingredient. Is this old stock?

  55. dawn

    Will you be doing more organics as well?

    Very excited to hear this news. Thrilled. I tried Aldi’s a few times years back but am not at all a regular customer. This could change with all these changes.

  56. Jose Lucio Correa

    I used to buy at Aldi in Germany and loved it! Now I`m moving to Florida and will like to become your customers. Please, let me know if in the US you carry the wonderful sweeteners Sussli. My family thinks that´s he best sweeteners in the world, only to be found at your stores in Europe. Thanks!

  57. Angel

    I love Aldi! I am very sad that the entire state of North Dakota does not have an Aldi. I have a family and a new baby coming along soon and Aldi is the perfect store to shop when on a budget. I am really considering moving to some place new. Definitely I will be look for a state that would have an Aldi. I really love the fact that Aldi is the only store that has removed all of these FDA approved additives. Aldi is a leader in all grocery stores, just come to Mandan ND! Right across from the MM Public Library there is a great space available and our town needs a grocery store badly.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi George, we currently do not offer senior discount day. However, smart shoppers have found that switching from national brands to ALDI exclusive brands can save them up to 50 percent on the most commonly purchased grocery items. We hope to see you soon!

  58. Oshawnda Searcy

    I am trying to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils from my diet and I read that ALDI had committed to removing this ingredient. I found hydrogenated oil listed on my jar of Peanut Delight Peanut butter that I recently bought from my local ALDI store in Longview Texas. Is this ingredient somehow not considered dangerous to our health as a trans fat like partially hydrogenated oil?

  59. William Macklin

    I’ve noticed your Stone Mill cinnamon is lighter in color than McCormick’s. What kind of cinnamon is it? I’ve read that some kinds are better than others when using it often as I am (trying to cut back on sugary cereals).

  60. Kim

    Aldi thank for all your great improvements! You’re the only store I know where prices drop on items, and it’s not because the size has shrunk. Could you tell me if the lining of your canned foods contain BPA? I know the majority of canned foods do but am hoping yours do not! Thank you.

  61. Kris

    I was really looking forward to this and thought it was every product in your store so I went in and honestly really confused. I realized it was only your brand but I had no idea which were your exclusive brand’s because there were a lot of different kinds of brands. I wish you were more specific and honestly wish it was all your products so it’s not so confusing. If it was all your products I would feel more comfortable buying too. Thanks

  62. C

    (Quoted) Rachel
    I am beyond excited to see the changes for choosing better ingredients, but I really hope Aldi does consider taking it a step further to improve this; including removing all GMO foods, and more additives in meat such as sodium nitrate & sodium nitrite.

    Rachel, are you aware that the celery powder that is substituted for the nitrates/nitrites can possibly contain thousands of more nitrates than you would have recieved from the regular nitrate/nitrite. Some farmers market farmers admit to adding a small amount of nitrate to their bacon for flavor.

  63. Kelli

    Your store is about to open in La Quinta, CA and across the street from Trader Joe’s, Von’s and Sprouts Markets.
    I only purchase USDA Organic, Non GMO and Gluten Free groceries. Will your store offer any of these products?

  64. Angela Mathes

    I like the price on the bagged salads at .99 cents and $1.49 for the most expensive ones. At Krogers, these salads cost over $3.00 a bag. At Aldi’s, I can get twice as much for the same, if not lower price. I only wish that Aldi’s would carry their “Southern Style” Fried Chicken all the time and not have it be a special buy.

  65. Alexandria

    I wasn’t an Aldi shopper before reading this post. I am a faithful Meijer shopper because of their vast selection of NON-GMO produce, and products. They have meat, fruits and veggies, hair care, soaps, detergents, and more that are GMO free and phosphate free. Because of the changes that Aldi is making, I will defenitly be visiting. It’s time that a major grocery chain stand up to big brands that are poisoning the public. If Aldi is going to be the first one to switch to ALL ORGANIC, NON GMO selections, I can garuntee they will take the nation by storm and easily become the most popular store chain even beating out Wal-mart because of their prices. If I like what I see I will spread the word and bring more people to drive past the Wal-mart or Meijer and head to Aldi. PLEASE KEEP IT UP AND KEEP IT GOING because you guys may be the change in this country hundreds of thousands of Mom’s and consumers alike are DESPERATE for. THANK YOU ALDI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. SS

    I was at a store in Troy, Michigan and was shocked to see “Garlic – Made in China”

    Can you ensure all your produces are grown locally.

    Love your store.. 🙂


    Do this healthier approach apply to ALDI everywhere, ie the ALDI outlets in Spain?? Desperate to buy organic but Spain exports 95% of its own organic produce !!! Now that is crazy. Don’t think the local markets are healthy either because they all use pesticides as well.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Vanessa, thanks for your interest in ALDI. ALDI US is independently managed and operated, but feel free to visit the ALDI global website at for more information about ALDI in other parts of the world.

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  69. Nick Barkas

    Just bought chicken breast on sale but got home before reading label. It has 15 percent chicken broth. MSG is not mentioned so I assume it is not in it. I need to be sure so please, let me know. Thanks, Nick

  70. dani

    It’s a start, and a lot of us greatly appreciate it. I’m hoping that you will also be ridding your products of all of the harmful and unnecessary gums, such as carrageenan, xanthan gum, etc. A lot of us can not tolerate any products with these additives, and/or the other additives mentioned. For one, we used to buy your cream cheese until xanthan gum was unnecessarily added to it. Pure and simple is the way to go. Thank you for hearing us!

  71. Abigail Hakemian

    thank you!!! Wondering if you will start carrying more Probiotic items such as “Bubbie’s” Sauercraut, and a probiotic Kimchi , I love your Vitalogy Cereal, your dried fruit, your produce, your 1/2 fat ice cream , almond milks , wish you would always Butter from Grassfed cows , etc, I love everything !!!!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Abigail. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll share this with our buying team and who knows? Maybe you’ll see it soon!

  72. Lydia Rose

    PLEASE bring back the milk hazelnut wafer – Knoppers. They are soooo yummy!
    Also, would you bring back the OG BBQ chips? 🙂

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Lydia. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll share this with our buying team and who knows? Maybe you’ll see it soon!

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  74. Renee Woskie

    I have watched a via internet series on The Truth about Cancer , very interesting and now a via internet series on The Food Revolution. A gal by the name of Vani Hari, mentioned in here interview with Ocean Robbins father, that the FDA denies all bad chemicals in products, because they don’t want to be liable for people who suffer from diseases or take medications because of these bad chemicals in products.
    And another gal Robyn O’ Brian said America can’t afford healthy additives to foods like the UK can, and some of the USA products sent to the UK are required to have a warning label on it, to let the UK people know what bad chemicals the USA is putting in there products
    I am glad Also is changing, but agree that we as Americans shouldn’t be guinea pigs and used as experiments on these toxic chemicals. If the UK bans them, then we should too.
    We as Americans will see a revolutionary movement in years to come, we have the right and fight to know what we are consuming. Renee

  75. Jason

    Hi, have all of the ingredients that contain processed free glutamic acid (MSG) been removed?

    (ingredient below and link)

    Thank you, Jason

    Glutamic acid (E 620)2
    Glutamate (E 620)
    Monosodium glutamate (E 621)
    Monopotassium glutamate (E 622)
    Calcium glutamate (E 623)
    Monoammonium glutamate (E 624)
    Magnesium glutamate (E 625)
    Natrium glutamate
    Anything “hydrolyzed”
    Any “hydrolyzed protein”
    Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate
    Yeast extract, Torula yeast
    Yeast food, Yeast nutrient
    Autolyzed yeast
    Textured protein
    Whey protein
    Whey protein concentrate
    Whey protein isolate
    Soy protein
    Soy protein concentrate
    Soy protein isolate
    Anything “protein”
    Anything “protein fortified”
    Soy sauce
    Soy sauce extract
    Anything “enzyme modified”
    Anything containing “enzymes”
    Anything “fermented”
    Anything containing “protease”
    Carrageenan (E 407)
    Bouillon and broth
    Any “flavors” or “flavoring”
    Natural flavor
    Citric acid, Citrate (E 330)
    Anything “ultra-pasteurized”
    Barley malt
    Malted barley
    Brewer’s yeast
    Pectin (E 440)
    Malt extract

  76. Jay Smith

    High fructose corn sweeteners (HFCS), like MSG are excitotoxins. You removed MSG from foods you sell but are still selling foods to people that are dangerous???

  77. Marcia Mullins

    Foods that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup a a major contributor to the obestry epidemic, and obesity is a major contributor to the high cancer rate.

    Nitrates and nitrites ditto.

    Whole Foods products contain neither.

    As a colon cancer survivor and awareness advocate, I urge Aldi to join Whole Foods in removing foods with those products from their shelves.

  78. Janet

    Yay Aldi! Thanks for continuing to go further in providing lower cost and now healthier food in your stores. I love the way you treat your employees, also. For example, having employees sit while checking is better for their health and productivity as they alternatively also move around stocking the store. Your use of common sense ideas is unfortunately uncommonly sensible in this world we live. I like the good ideas people have written and believe they are being read, considered and implemented ASAP. A bread without sweetner would be nice to find in your stores. I don’t mind original gluten in a product but just don’t like more added even if bread falls apart.

  79. Jan

    Thumbs up Aldi! I’ve been a customer for years now and I can say, that your stores have greatly evolved. When My family went through the lean years and I had many mouths to feed, thanks to Aldi I was able to take care of our food and household needs on a tight budget. Because food intolerances and restrictions were a challenge for us, buying products else where at exorbitant prices was a part of our reality. Because Aldi was there, I could still manage a strict budget so we didn’t have to go without. Now days, I’m very pleased to be able to get most of my shopping done at Aldi. I’m so greatful that even with the tremendous improvements made, your prices remain the best. A triple guarantee if I’m dissatisfied is proof enough for me that you stand behind your products. Thanks for your efforts to continue to be a store that’s trying to meet the needs of 21 Century families without leaving our pockets empty. I love the many up to date changes you’ve made in your advertisement flyers and the extensive line of seasonal items you provide that are usually priced well within reason. The way I see it, you just keep getting better. Thanks for keeping things real and please, continue to be the unique business you have continually been. Keep up the good work!

  80. FrederickH

    I’m curious about the abundant content of High Fructose Corn Syrup I see in many of the generic brand products I see at Aldi, including the Aldi brands. It seems as though a German company selling ingredients in the United States which are not even allowed in Europe is somehow unethical. I don’t even know if unethical is even the right way of saying it… but certainly wrong on many levels.

    I challenge you to walk thru the aisles of Aldi and take a look at the ingredients of 20 different products… the first or second ingredient will surprise you… even peanut butter. We have massive issues with obesity here in the U.S., please don’t contribute to the problem.

  81. Sheila Rumsey

    I have not been to ALDI in a while here in Sherman, TX. Someone told me you are affiliated with Trader Joes. Is this correct? I love Trader Joe’s, and I will drive almost an hour to get to one sometimes! I have to agree with all the others about getting rid of corn, soy, wheat, etc. and all the byproducts thereof. The grains in the USA are so terribly polluted with pesticides and herbicides (thank you Monsanto) that I am very hesitant to consume them at all. Wheat is inflammatory, corn is so distorted that I wont even comment on it (plus it is awful for diabetics), and soy has estrogen precursors and is hard on your thyroid. All of them are chemically treated as seeds, and then are heavily sprayed in the field. And margarine? Please! It is one molecule away from plastic and should not be sold as food at all. Meat should be pastured whenever possible and not fed things like grains, either. I would love to see some trustworthy, real, whole food alternatives in a store where I don’t have to read every single label and then put 90% of things back on the shelf. Keep it simple, trustworthy, organic, and safe! And if you can go with non-GMO (which many people don’t understand), even better!

  82. Lesley Perry

    Are the foods that say “natural” on them in Aldi truly natural ingredients? Does natural mean no artificial ingredients or no added preservatives etc? Anyone can say something is natural but what does it really mean?

  83. Sherri

    Concerned about the store brands that have corn syrup, the gluten free products with gums that upset the digestive system. I also want non GMO. I know people who never shop Aldi because they think that everything is packaged food with questionable ingredients, so Aldi needs to work on this if they want more sale.
    Until I see no corn syrup, artificial flavors, etc. I will be very cautious about what I buy.

  84. Kajeana

    You need to look into putting a store in Johnson County, KY. I just read they have the highest obestity rate in KY. And KY is one of the highest in the nation. Those people only have walmart and one other store to shop at, but is located in a pretty good size city, Paintsville. My family down there would LOVE to have an Aldis store. I am sure you can beat the compitetion EASILY in that city, Prices are high and little to choose from. Please get this message to someone that can make a difference in this part of our country. And yes, they have main roads that are easily traveled to get food and supplies in. They have a Lowes in that city too, just need better food choices than Walmart and Food City.

  85. George Baldwin

    Given the documented deficiencies in quality and ingredient control in China sourced foods, how can we rest assured that your food products do not originate in China? Many of your labels simply say, produced for Aldi and do not identify a source for the item. What do you do to assure us that foods that originate in China do not pose a health hazard to us?

  86. Anonymous

    Hi: I’ve read most of the above comments. One thing that I personally have to watch for, as well as many heart conditioned people is “sodium”. I haven’t been to an Aldi’s for quite some time. I have looked at the sodium content. I never understood why there has to be so much in packaged/canned products. If it’s for the taste – I have a salt shaker. I have been looking for 5% or less in all products. Please consider that in the future.

      1. mel

        I would second this low-sodium request, though I believe 5% is unattainable in certain products. However, when I see soups with multiple servings per can and roughly 40% sodium per serving, it boggles my mind. It doesn’t even taste good at that point! And, as the previous poster noted, most people do have a salt shaker available. It’s much, much easier to add more later than to take it out.

        I’ve decided against buying a number of Aldi products for this reason – mostly soups, plus some prepared meal products – though plenty of other products have had less sodium than the big-name brands. I hope the trend continues in removing unnecessary salt, especially in products where the consumer can easily add it later if desired.

  87. mel

    Thank you for making grocery shopping so very much easier! Various food dyes and MSG are my most consistent migraine triggers, which can incapacitate me for anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days. On one occasion, artificial dyes even precipitated an ER visit for a migraine that appeared to be a stroke. (Turns out the non-Aldi food I ate the night before had Red #40 in it, in a product I never would have expected, the one time I didn’t check…)

    Aldi’s front-of-box labeling is also clear in terms of what to expect, which is an incredible timesaver.

    I would also love to see all HFCS removed, but avoiding very sweet products is fairly simple. I’ve been happy that there typically aren’t trace amounts in Aldi’s non-sweet products, unlike in the bigger grocery stores in the area. It would be nice to know across the board that I don’t have to look for the ingredient though, especially in kid-friendly products.

  88. Regina Bolyard

    I haven’t seen the Millville Breaktime bars for some time. These are the ones with 1.7 gm net carbs and 10 gm protein. Has this product been discontinued? If so, do you have a comparable product?

    I have been purchasing the Millville Greek Yogurt Protein bars as an alternative, but the sugar content is too high to continue consuming it.

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    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi! SimplyNature is an ALDI exclusive brand with organic and NON-GMO items, and features foods free of 125 artificial colors, flavors or unnecessary enhancers. Products range from cereal, honey, fruit bars and apple juice to pasta sauce, pizza, salsa and various snacks. See what it’s all about here:

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  91. Beverly Rochon

    I recently was told to limit my salt intake. I was looking for pasta sauce and found one in Aldi’s. On a susequent visit I could no longer find it. The name is Fit &Active with tomato, onion and garlic. No salt added. It was excellent. Can you tell me where I can purchase this again?

  92. Pamela Kiser

    I understand that many of the products say no msg, but does this include the over 40 different names that are also disguised but are still the poison that shuts down my skeletal muscles to the point of total paralysis. This is nothing I can mess around with. A salad dressing that I ate and believed to be safe (not bought at Aldi’s) sent me to the ER only able to take short breaths, and not able to move. The closest Aldi’s is an hour away from me. But reading some of these posts lead me to believe it’s not worth my trouble, but others respond with praise. So I’m very confused. I don’t want to read about how GMO’s are necessary. All I know is that if I stay away from them I feel and move as a healthy person. If I ingest it I am a VERY sick person. I don’t need a lab test on people to tell me I can’t have it. I know my family have no reaction to it, but I do. If someone chooses to try their best to keep it out of their household more power to them. So please let me know, will more than the additive MSG be removed from the product?

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  94. Pamela

    There is an article circulating on social media that claims that you are removing all pesticides from ALL products on American store shelves in January, 2017. I don’t believe this to be true and came to your website to verify the information. Can you please confirm whether you are doing this or if it is only your private-label products that are affected? Also, are your German branded products non-GMO?

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  96. Beth Gaffer

    I noticed today that Aldi carries the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits that contain trans fat. i was so disappointed when i read the label as they sound so yummy. I assume then that since you are carrying this item I need to continue to read all of your labels?

  97. Lynda Tomlinson

    I am interested in your seasons choice veggie burgers and black bean burgers, but it isn’t clear from the packaging if they use GMO products. I like the taste, but am avoiding GMO’s because of the excessive use of Roundup. Are these GMO free?

  98. Mike

    I really hope the hydrogenated oils will be removed from the Specially Selected Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls. I bought them once and they were so good, but once I discovered they have trans fat I never purchased again.

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  100. Lisa Marsh

    We have recently started researching GMOs and I am so grateful to have a local Aldi store as an option! I realize they can’t offer all organic or all GMO free products but it’s great to have choices and their prices can’t be beat!

  101. rachelita

    Aldi, I am so happy to have a store like yours. WOW – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Please switch to all non GMO foods if possible. It is so wonderful to have a store like yours that takes the time and care to offer your customers healthy foods to feed our families, while charging affordable prices. We need you Aldi, Thanks again!

  102. Heidi Murdoch

    GMO and Hybridization are two separate things. GMO’s are modified to survive being sprayed with a carcinogenic drain cleaner (now pesticide) we have come to know as Glyphosate. Hybridization in it’s simplest form is cross-pollination that results in fruit that is generally sterile and has attributes that tend to make more money (size) but usually sacrifices other atributes (flavor). Both are bad in my opinion because even though we get larger fruits and vegetables they often cannot reproduce naturally by seed thus rendering the population susceptible to food control by tyrannical governments since one cannot save seed and grow them oneself.

    I grow as much as I am able organically myself and I shop also at Aldi’s for things that I cannot grow or grow well. I shop exclusively for organic products and the Simply Nature Organic label makes it easy and economical. Sadly I cannot deviate to products without the label because Aldi’s still carries GMO products with soy, canola, wheat, corn and high fructose corn syrup. I still find it easier to shop organic because I can look for the green leaf.

    I challenge anyone in Ald’s upper management to buy ONLY organic products exclusively from Aldi’s and plan all meals around those products for one week without using any other non-organic products so they can get a small taste of my struggles.

    I would buy more if you became GMO free. I struggle with food sensitivities where I can no longer eat certain fruits, vegetable, and meats because they have either been sprayed or the animal has eaten Glyphosate. There is no longer safe honey as even organic honey has been found to test positive for Glyphosate. Please consider keeping the food we can still eat safe and offer more organic and non-GMO options.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Jayna! For specific questions about ALDI products, please contact our customer service team at

  103. Martha Eppler

    “Most bottled water is filled with fluoride, This is a complete list of brands to avoid”……This is a website title that talks about water……A list of good water was found as well as water to avoid! I shop at Aldi’s for all food and water…..Your water was on neither list……I buy purAqua purified water @$2.29 at Aldi’s and I buy a lot of it! My question is Does your water contain Floruide?

  104. Jen Smith

    Aldi is basically giving us useless information here. Almost all of the questions that Aldi responds to says “contact customer service”. In my opinion that means that they are not publicly going to say that the majority of their private label products are not healthy (contains GMOs, MSG, synthetics, etc). All of Trader Joe’s brand products are non-GMO sourced. It says so publically on their website!

  105. Laurie

    Can’t believe I read through all the comments. I love Aldi’s. My family and I have struggled financially over the last year. We used to shop at Whole Foods with no thought to budget, and Aldi’s has literally saved us from starving. That’s no joke or exaggeration. For the price I used to pay for one week’s groceries (sometimes one night’s meal) at Whole Foods, we can purchase a month’s (or more) supply of food with no nutritional sacrifice. In short, we don’t go hungry. Not only can I afford to feed my family 3 meals a day, but we can also get snacks. That’s a big deal for us at this difficult time. Make no mistake about the impact a snack can have as a real, life normalizing treat, when you have only been able to afford the very basic foods. For all the whiners about Aldi’s offering GMO’s, is it really that hard to read a label? At least Aldi’s, as a discount grocer, offers an organic, non-GMO selection which they prominently label. If people have a problem with GMO’s being offered in stores, the place to take that up is with one’s political representatives. Aldi’s is operating within U.S. Law, and must remain competitive as a business in a U.S. Market where I imagine there are far more GMO suppliers than non-GMO suppliers to choose from because of the lack of legislation against them and their political lobbying in the States. As for me, my monthly grocery budget is $100 bucks. For that money, I can feed my family beef, chicken, pork, fresh fruits and veggies, cereals, and eggs. I can buy canned goods, dry goods, dairy, breads, condiments, pickles, chips and treats. I literally walk out of the store with an overflowing cart for $100, and I am humbly grateful to Aldi’s for the discounts and products they offer which my family and I have tremendously enjoyed. We feel we haven’t lost anything in switching from Whole Foods in terms of product quality. I’m super happy with Aldi’s and genuinely can’t thank them enough for their goods and services. They’ve literally saved our lives in this tough economic time.

  106. Laurie

    I’d just like to add, from a quick google search of Trader Joe’s, it’s true Trader Joe’s offers non-GMO products. But a large supplier of Trader Joe’s, which supplies foods with the Trader Joe’s label, is Ralcorp. Ralcorp was purchased by ConAgra, and ConAgra donated $1,176,700 to fight California’s mandatory GMO labeling bill in 2013… along with Nestle, Kellogg, and the other “Big 13”. When you purchase from Trader Joe’s, you’re handing profits over to ConAgra so that ConAgra can, in a strange twist of irony, campaign against any anti-GMO legislation you may support. Granted, you’re still assured of getting a non-GMO product from Trader Joe’s (for the time being), if you can afford to shop at the “discount” supplier. I can’t, but I’m perfectly happy with Aldi’s. I shopped at Trader Joe’s a couple of times when I could afford it. Loved the cute product labeling, but wasn’t a fan their soups, breads, or pre-packed, frozen products. I sincerely love Aldi’s products. But the point I’m trying to make is… how twisted and convoluted the food supplier market is. Amazon has bought Whole Foods for crying out loud. This is the market Aldi’s is competing in, so cut them some slack. The battles had in this forum need to be had on the steps of the White House and Congress.

  107. Steve

    It’s a very noble gesture that Aldi makes in its statement that “96% of Aldi exclusive brand products have no added MSG”. But it’s a deceptive statement. MSG is but one flavor enhancer in the 600 range of chemical additives. There are many, many others. The statement conveys a sense of deserved relief which isn’t warranted. “Buy our brand because it doesn’t contain MSG!” But there are 99 other, chemically-similar substances THAT COULD BE used!!! If an Aldi opened near where I live, I would definitely shop there, though. Good luck with your expansion into the U.S. market.

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