ALDI Commits to Green Refrigeration

February 10, 2016 – It’s official! We’ve joined the ranks of a number of retailers nationwide in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill Partnership. GreenChill works with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

AldiStore_SpecialBuy_Cooler_Section_Angle V2So, what does this mean? Greener refrigeration practices allow us to further our progress toward achieving sustainable operations. We’re committed to our people, customers, partners and the environment and this is one more step in supporting our initiatives to being an environmentally-friendly company.

As part of this effort, we’re working toward reducing our overall greenhouse gas emissions. We also actively monitor our overall carbon footprint, including emissions from corporate and regional offices, warehouses and stores.

In addition to the Partnership commitment, two ALDI stores, located in Webster and West Carthage, New York, were recently awarded the GreenChill Platinum certification. GreenChill’s Store Certification Program for Food Retailers recognizes individual stores for using environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems. Relative to a similarly-sized average supermarket, together, these two stores are expected to avoid annual refrigerant emissions equivalent to an estimated 323 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equal to removing 68 passenger vehicles from the road.

GreenChill LogoAccording to the EPA, a typical supermarket leaks about 1,000 pounds of harmful refrigerant gas into the atmosphere every year. GreenChill Partners have refrigerant emissions rates that are 50 percent lower than the national average – pretty impressive if you ask us. If every supermarket achieved GreenChill standards, over the course of a year the industry could save more than $100 million in refrigerant costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal to the greenhouse gas emissions of 4.2 million cars.

We’re proud to join the GreenChill Partnership. For more information, visit


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10 thoughts on “ALDI Commits to Green Refrigeration

  1. SierraRose

    Just don’t forget who your customer base is. Better fridges are great. But your customers aren’t the Whole Foods or your sister company Trader Joe’s customers. We shop Aldi for the prices. You seem to be heading upscale.

  2. Jeannette Wilary

    OK Aldi you are making our environment cleaner and cheaper than ever with this Green Refrigeration. I praise you for helping out the world and your customers again. Thank you again

  3. Jo

    That’s great about going green BUT I purchased some Live G Free multi seed snack crackers.They looked healthy BUT I was shocked to find they contain 3grams of sugar and 120grams of sodium. Needless to say only 1 gram of fiber it it really necessary to put all that sugar and salt in the crackers and only 1 gram of fiber?

  4. Bridget

    I love Aldi : no trans fats, no certified synthetic colors, no msg,no synthetic colors, no hormones in milk and eggs. I could not believe when shopping today I found gluten chick pea spaghetti from Australia and french bread made in a peanut-free facility for those with peanut allergies . I love the organic , peanut free and gluten free at ridiculously low prices. I do miss the Beck Beer Kegs low price that were sold in our store when it opened but not any more.My Aldi is in Webster NY.Organic and gluten free item’s are cheaper than ordinary prices in other grocery stores

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