5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone in your Life

Easter is right around the corner, and we know preparing for it can be stressful. We’re here to help! Shop our springtime deals on everything from spiral sliced ham to chocolate Easter candy, plus a few unexpected surprises. You’ll not only want to fill your cart, but you’ll want to build an Easter basket for everyone!

We have what you need to make an Easter basket for every bunny: your kids, best friend, and even for the host! Here are five of our favorite basket inspiration ideas that will please anyone on your bunny list.  Come on in and grab a basketful!

Kids Bunny Basket

Building the perfect Easter baskets for your kids is important, and we have everything to get your kids excited on Easter morning! Our Easter egg and grass assortment provides the perfect basket foundation, while our stuffed plush animals add a soft touch of fun. As they hunt for their baskets, we know kids are really looking for chocolate. Choceur chocolate coins, Moser Roth truffle eggs, Easter figurines and classic chocolate bunnies will satisfy any sweet tooth. Since parents love chocolate too, hopefully your kids are in the sharing mood!

Host-with-the-Most (Savings) Basket

Yes, hosting is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself too! Start with Easter meal essentials like our Easter Bunny-approved Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Ham. With ham as your meal centerpiece, complement it with asparagus, super sweet corn, organic baby spinach, and a crispy French baguette.

After all of your hard work preparing the meal, make sure you treat yourself with some flowers like gorgeous hyacinths or tulips, both available in stores beginning 3/28. If you’re not the host, offer to bring this basket and you’ll immediately become the guest of honor.

Rise and Shine Basket

Kick start your Easter celebrations with this fun breakfast basket! Fill it with a mix of cream cheese, jumbo buttermilk biscuits, maple syrup, fresh original pork breakfast links and Nature’s Nectar orange Juice. With this basket, breakfast or brunch is Easter easy.

Basket for Your Best Friend

Holidays are for bringing people together and with the help of a chocolatey basket like this, Easter is sure to deliver. Try building a basket for your best friend with a variety of flowers that show how much you care – we have tulips, lilies and hyacinths available starting 3/28. Our Easter Moser Roth Fine Truffles will delight your BFF and they pair beautifully with our Belletti Prosecco!


Bubbles and Blooms Basket

Since brunch is often an Easter tradition, bring this basket to give it a twist and make it a DIY occasion! Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling, our Nature’s Nectar orange juice, and some friendly flowers should do the trick. Use these items with our homemade mimosa bar recipe and enjoy making Easter memories!

Have a great Easter everyone, and share your Easter #ALDIHaul or recipes made with #ALDILove on social media!



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8 thoughts on “5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone in your Life

  1. Robin

    Why is it impossible to call the store? There’s no phone number on the receipt or on the website. I think I dropped something there & just want to leave a message to see if anyone found it.

  2. Diane

    These ideas are absolutely awesome; the Mimosa bar is a wonderful idea for a brunch and the baskets are just amazing. I will be at the store Wednesday!

    Thank you for the motivation!


  3. cj

    bought appleton smoked honey ham, and the instructions were on the back of the label.
    I peeled the label and most of the instructions did not come off. am trying to find on aldi’s
    website a backup instructions. no go

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