4 Uses for Your Rice Cooker

February 10, 2015 – Using a rice cooker to cook only rice is like using a grill to only grill meat! If all your life you’ve thought that this handy-dandy machine only served one purpose, prepare to see the endless possibilities that a rice cooker can bring you in the kitchen.

On Special Buy* this week for $14.99, the Kitchen Living 16 Cup Rice Cooker can take your kitchen skills from white or brown rice to breakfast, fruit, chili, and more! The machine has a keep-warm function, a steam tray (perfect for meats and veggies!), easy-clean removable cooking pot and also comes with a measuring cup and serving scoop.  Here are our four favorite uses for rice cookers:

Hot Breakfast

Love a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning but rarely have the time to stick by the stove to make it? The rice cooker will be your new breakfast BFF. Put one part oats in the rice cooker and three parts water (or milk), along with a pinch of salt. Be sure to leave enough room in the rice cooker for the oatmeal to expand and bubble as it comes to a boil. Turn your rice cooker on and continue with your morning routine until hot breakfast is ready 25-30 minutes later. How easy is that?

462985125Poached Fruit

Soak up the flavors of your favorite fruit by poaching them in your rice cooker. Chop up a few pieces of apples, pears, strawberries or whatever your sweet tooth desires, and then fill the rice cooker with enough juice, wine or sugar water to cover the fruit. The longer they’re in the rice cooker, the sweeter they’ll become. Refrigerate overnight if you prefer them chilled.

Slow Cooked Beans/Chili/Stew

Similar to a slow cooker, a rice cooker can also be used to make beans and other legumes. The first try will likely require a test and learn of how many cycles a full cook will require. Start with at least two cycles, and cook for one or two more cycles as necessary. Between cycles, feel free to add other already-cooked meats or veggies to make a heartier chili or stew.

Banana Bread523721959_sm

Banana bread in a rice cooker? That’s right – and it’s easier than you think! Prepare the banana bread mixture as you normally would (we suggest Baker’s Corner Banana Quick Bread Mix), and then coat the inside of the pot with non-stick butter or oil. Pour the batter into the pot and cook for one or two cycles. Voila! You’ve got yourself banana bread.


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20 thoughts on “4 Uses for Your Rice Cooker

  1. Barbh

    I make the best beef stew in my rice cooker. The beef is melt in your mouth tender. Also is an easy way to cook a whole cauliflower. Love my rice cooker!

  2. Rae Smylie

    I bought a Kitchen Living combination slow-cooker, pressure cooker, rice steamer, etc. at Aldi a few months ago. Let me say, I love, love, LOVE it. My only problem is I can’t find another one, which I would like to gift my daughters (two, actually, instead of only one.) Any suggestions for where I might find two more of these? Mine was only $39.99 and anything similar (but not the same features) costs $99.99. Momma Rae Smylie

  3. KT

    Slow-cooker mac & cheese is one of my 9-yro’s specialties. 🙂 Put 2 c. chicken broth & 2 c. dry noodles in your rice booker. Turn it to cook, & when it switches to warm, put 2 c. cheese & 1/2 c.milk (adjust to desired result) in & stir; put the lid on for a few minutes to let the cheese melt. Stir & serve. It’s gooey goodness! And I love me some Aldi special buys!!

      1. KT

        One quick question: in my manual, under the Cooking Guide for quinoa & brown rice, I think there’s a misprint. It says 2 c. of brown rice, use 4 c. of water, & cook 56 mins. But the next line says 2 c. brown rice, use 3 c. of water, & cook 62 mins. What are the correct measurements for brown rice & water? Thanks!

        1. ALDI USA Post author

          Hi KT! Our Customer Service team is better equipped to help you with your question. Please contact them at bitly.com/aldihelp.

  4. Kimberly Cooper

    I’m very disappointed with my Ambiano rice cooker from Aldi. I was excited to replace my old rice cooker with a new. larger capacity (plus steamer basket) option. Despite following the user manual’s instructions, using both the standard & metric measurements, even trying to use the “1 part rice/2 parts water” rule, my rice comes out mushy and overcooked. I am very disappointed with this machine.

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