3 Ingredient Eats

April 14, 2016 – Unless we’re talking pi(e), math isn’t really our strong suit. But with recipes as simple as three ingredients, food math might be our new favorite subject.



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19 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Eats

  1. Barbara F.

    (sigh) so why can’t you show a photo of just the three ingredients? If it is so wonderful just like that. I see cheese and either apple or pear slices, too.

    1. Sara

      Yes, and Caesar Salad is better with dressing. Never had “Mape Syrup” either. Pizza clearly has at least five ingredients (dough, zucchini, tomatoes, hummus, seasonings). And some buns would be nice for the pork sandwiches. I love easy dinner ideas, but I also appreciate honest advertising.

  2. Betty Rich

    The ‘3 ingredient eats’ salad pictured: spinach, cranberries and walnuts, certainly looks like it has feta or some other white cheese in it. That would make 4 ingredients, and what about the dressing?

  3. Mar

    If the recipes have only 3 ingredients, then the pictures should only have 3 ingredients too. The spinach, walnut and cranberry salad also has cheese and apples in the photo. Take alook at the hummus and zucchini pizza too……

  4. Lauren

    People need to calm down! They are giving you a base idea and you add whatever else you need to. People are so negative- these are all great ideas to start with and get creative with from there!- doesn’t matter if they say 3 ingredients but there are more shown in the picture! I guess some people just need to find SOMETHING to complain about… Thanks for sharing Aldi!!

    1. Debby

      I have a 4 ingredient cookbook that is the same way. It gives the main ingredients but then other items are added. I really like the cook book. It gives great ideas just like these.

  5. Tina

    Yep, ya’ll can’t count to three- who got paid to do this article? I’d like to take your spot and write it right, unless of course the people that paid you can’t count either. Just kidding, don’t take offense.
    Salads have cheese, pulled pork is on a bun with coleslaw, pizza has red things(look like tomatoes) and some parsley or basil. Go on ahead and moderate me, I’ll understand but I’m not offensive, off-topic or inappropriate.

  6. Margie Bohnert

    Aldi has come a long way over the years. It has become our “go to” store for their private label brands that are actually great! I never thought I would be saying that of any grocery store. We llove all of the “non food” items as well. Just a great shopping experience every time we need groceries

  7. Melissa

    Three Main Ingredients would be a better title. Obviously these suggestions are just for the base of the dish. If you want a three-ingredient meal stick with the old-school: meat, veggie, and a starch. Wash down with beverage of choice. 🙂

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