10 Reasons to Try ALDI

April 28, 2016 – ALDI is not your average grocery store. We have a different style when it comes to grocery shopping, and there are a thousand reasons to love us. But you don’t have time to read through a thousand reasons… so we boiled it down to the top 10.

  1. We’ve got a little something for everyone: gluten-free foods, USDA Choice beef, organic produce, even our Never Any! line of meat without added antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. All at ALDI low prices (up to 50 percent* less than traditional grocers!).
  1. We take the guesswork out of grocery shopping. Rather than offering 20 versions of every product, we only offer the best one. So you can zip in and out of the store knowing you’re getting great food at a great price, every time.
  1. We’ll transport you to wine country for a whole lot less. Our wines have won awards from the experts at Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits and others, too!
  1. You’ll feel good about what you DON’T bring home from ALDI. Yeah, you read that right. All of our exclusive brand food products are free from added MSG, certified synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils (added trans fats).
  1. Our Test Kitchen chefs create delicious, real-life recipes to help you get cookin’ year-round. Find tonight’s dinner inspiration here.
  1. You’ll never have to worry about a shopping cart taking the best parking spot at ALDI. Every time you shop, you’ll insert a quarter to borrow a cart, and when you bring it back, your quarter will be returned to you.
  1. ALDI is good for your wallet and for your conscience: we ask you to help the earth every time you shop by bringing reusable grocery bags to tote home your finds. (Or you can buy a few of ours at checkout!)
  1. We make it easy to kick back, so put your feet up and crack open a cold brew. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Check out our Beer of the Month to try a fan favorite!
  1. Every week, we stock our shelves with new ALDI finds. These premium products are only in stores for a limited time, so snap ‘em up while you can! You’ll see anything from small kitchen appliances and toys to gardening items and outdoor furniture. So every time you shop, there’ll be a little something special for you to discover.
  1. Benton’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies. Yeah.

To know ALDI is to love ALDI. So come on in and get to know us!

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national retail grocery stores.

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42 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Try ALDI

  1. Mary Beth

    Lead the way, Aldi! For sale on the same shelf are both bee and insect houses and bee and insect killers. “Bee” on the positive side of this conflict by eliminating toxic and cancer causing insecticides from Aldi stores.

  2. Kay

    Went to the new Aldi in Palmdale, ca, really enjoyed it, found some great items and good prices, I will be returning quite often, love to see as the new items come in, nice, clean facility.

  3. Paul

    I wish you would not have high fructose corn syrup in your products. I bought pickled beets and was disappointed to find high fructose corn syrûp. My doctor told me to avoid it because of my medical condition.

    1. Tracy Hundley

      I agree. I’m a fan of Aldi but cannot buy quite a few products because my mother is allergic to HFCS. On the other hand, there are many products (especially your Millville & Benton products) that she can enjoy because they are simpler and contain fewer preservatives. Please see if you can stock a beef hot dog that doesn’t contain sodium lactate 🙂

      1. ALDI USA Post author

        Hi Tracy! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll share this with our buying team and who knows? Maybe you’ll see it soon!

  4. Peggy Aldridge

    I habe visited the new location in Inglewood on 3 ocassions already and I am trying the Aldi brands little by little. So far, I have not been disappointed. The customer service has being outstanding! Welcome to Inglewood Aldi’s.

  5. Ping Gee

    We picked up a jar of your Peanut Delight Natural Creamy peanut butter spread, and it had the BEST peanut better taste! Too bad we have 5 jars of other peanut butter brands in the garage!

  6. Bonnie Gilbert

    Please tell me you are coming to Los Angeles!! I went to one of your stores in Nashville and I’m hooked. One find was childrens darling rain boots for $10. Please tell me you are coming to Los Angeles!!!!

  7. Cathy

    Will we be expecting a aldi store in west los angeles? We have 2 closed albertson/haggens stores, one on sepulveda & palms, the other on venice blvd..we could really use one!

  8. Julie Bannon

    So happy to see you coming to Vista, as we live in Oceanside, and my husband and I are both British, so we are familiar with your store, go there a lot when we are back home on a visit. I usually stock up on your big bars of white chocolate that my family love here. My question is, will you be carrying any British products and candy, and when you you actually open your doors in Vista so we can be your first customers.

  9. Peggy Kruse

    I don’t appreciate the cashiers throwing my food in the cart after they’ve scan it. I know they are trying to be quick but it doesn’t take much effort to place it in the cart instead of tossing it. This included the fruits and vegetables. I had also placed my items on the conveyor by groups to help me pack my bags. Silly me trying to be efficient.

  10. Jo

    Love your store. I would love to see lots (or actually all) of your products, to not have high fructose corn syrup. I hope that will be possible. Thank you!

  11. Heidi S.

    I recently shopped at the newly opened Arcadia, Ca store. We tried and liked all that I purchased and I was happy I could buy a lot of what we enjoy. As an able bodied person with grown children I didn’t take issue too much with the need to return the cart, unless I’m in a hurry and had to park far. As a care taker of elderly, I know my clients would not be able to bag their own groceries, nor desire to run the cart back up to the store to retrieve their quarter. As a mom who once had babies and small children I would not want to bag my own food as I wrangle a toddler and perhaps a crying baby, nor would I want to mess with the cart issue. So you’re missing a large group of potential shoppers.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Marco! We’re glad you asked. There is a store near you at 5830 Firestone Blvd.
      South Gate, CA 90280

  12. Jon Ross

    I was very impressed with my first trip to your store . Easy in & out, very friendly,helpful. This will become a weekly stop for me!

  13. Christy

    This place is amazing! Went to the one in Covina, CA. I love how the selection was limited and how the store has such a personal feel to it. It’s not overwhelming like big markets. For dinner, I made my family a mediterrean salad. I bought all the ingredients at Aldi and it was “the best salad” they ever had. Aldi is my new local go-to store. One last thing, bought a bottle of red wine, it was very tasty. I’m a happy customer.

  14. Kathy G

    Please PLease PLEASE come to CITRUS COUNTY, FL!!!! My closest Aldi is a 45-minute drive and the cost of gas outweighs the savings! I’m so spoiled by having Aldi eight miles away from my previous home in ulster co, ny! We REALLY need something here besides pricey Publix, an old Winn Dixie and WalMart (ugh). HELP!!!!!

  15. Ravi

    I LOVE Aldi!! Don’t know what I’d do without it, as the price/quality ratio there has spoiled me terribly. My only complaint is when they stop carrying some of their excellent products, such as their unique candy bars, specifically the bags of fun-sized Dreemy & Jive bars. And the Crofton espresso machine was truly awesome, a top-notch product for a shockingly low price. I broke mine moving and wished I’d bought a lifetime’s worth of the things when I had the chance. Just got 4 as gifts. Soooo disappointed they’re no longer available.

    1. greg

      Ravi I couldn’t agree more! I look for that espresso machine every time I’m there. I hadn’t realized it was discontinued. I had one that I used for 3 years until it sprung a leak (because my partner was a little too rough with it cleaning the steam wand) but I used it anyway until I found one on E-bay. If you really want one you might try that too. The only downside was that I ended up paying MORE for the used one than I did for the new! Still cheaper than one of that quality from any other store.

  16. Laura E.

    My whole family loves Aldi’s!!! We especially love the produce and the large selection in all the other departments. Not to mention the low prices!!! Our Aldi’s here in Wausau Wisconsin has become so busy that most days it is very hard to shop. It’s almost as if we are in line through the whole store. My sister and I were talking that it would be so nice to build another Aldi’s across town in Weston Wisconsin. That would eliminate the congestion in one store and give everyone across town a closer one to shop at. It would also create more jobs in out area. So, please take this suggestion into consideration for the near future. It would make a lot of customers very, very happy!!!

  17. Ruthanne Mitchell

    We would like to see more food products from Germany. Prefer the brand “Specially Selected”.
    Why so many Chinese non-food items? You could us that space to increase the variety of foods available.

      1. Mitchell

        Hey Breezy,Yah, welcome to my world! This is so random, but I took out a bottle of lotion the other day from Bath & Body works that I haven’t used in a few months. It’s their Aloe Vera one from the BBW &#s2a0;Cl2ssic8” scents. Anyway, I noticed your handle on the back label, LOL! I swear, it says, “BREEZY” as a title and then the paragraph below it talks about the scent.

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