10 Must-Haves for Your Fridge

June 5, 2015 – Not sure which culinary staples to keep stocked in your fridge? We asked the ALDI Test Kitchen chefs to share their expertise on must-have items for a killer kitchen.

Chef Linsey
Butter, or butter substitute
“I like to use butter for a variety of applications whether it be baking or savory cooking. Since it has an extremely long shelf life, it’s great to keep on hand.”

Chef Audrey
Giardiniera, or pickled peppers
“I love spicy and this pairs well with the impromptu barbeque (brats, chicken sausages or burgers) or order-in pizza night.”

iStock_000015883513_LargeChef Alyssa
White Wine
“Not only is it great for drinking and relaxing, it adds an extra layer of flavor when used to deglaze sautéed items like vegetables and proteins for soups and sauces.”

“Use a little lemon juice instead of adding more salt – the acid will bring out the freshness and brightness of the foods. When used in marinades, it penetrates the protein to add more flavor.  It can also be used in vinaigrettes, and when placed atop cooked vegetables, it helps maintain brightness, freshness and flavor.”

“Raw, sautéed or roasted – each way has a unique flavor profile which makes it one of the most versatile items in your fridge that can be used in a variety of cuisines.”

Chef Morgan
“Eggs are an essential in my kitchen because they are so versatile. Eggs are a great source of lean protein, great for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or baking.”

Chef Kevin
Cream Cheese
“Who doesn’t love it on bagels? Plus, it’s a great medium for flavored dessert toppings or crepe filling.”

Balsamic Vinegar*
“This can be used as a reduction, in vinaigrettes or as part of a marinade. It’s a very versatile vinegar.”

Chef Stacey
“A necessity for dipping when kids are around, ketchup has many other uses. Use it as an ingredient in barbeque sauce or homemade salad dressings. I like to put it in meatloaf for flavor and moisture.”

“I use onions as a base for almost everything savory I cook. I love the flavor that comes from onions in the background. Sautéed on burgers or roasted for a vegetable dish, they make great additions to any meal.”

What go-to items do you always have in your fridge? Tell us in the comments!

*This is a Seasonal item that is only in stores for a limited time and may no longer be available.

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14 thoughts on “10 Must-Haves for Your Fridge

  1. Jane Emeru

    I agree these are great pantry staples.. now add great fresh Aldi veggies and fruits and you have a whole wealth of meal options.. I even use the little leftover bits of veggies for great stir fries and the few bits of fruits can be added to water for great infused thirst quenching drinks..

  2. Amanda

    I keep all of these in my kitchen! I also keep plain Greek yogurt. It’s great for making smoothies or as a substitute for mayonaise in casseroles and dips.

  3. sue gray

    Have you opened a store in North Port Florida yet? ….if not when? We love your store in Iowa and really miss you when we are in Florida! Hope it’s soon!!!

  4. sandy

    I love that I’m seeing more organic at my store. Eggs are good and reasonably priced, $2.39 at my Aldi. I would so see Aldi offer brown eggs. I love the flavor of the brown eggs.

  5. Stacie

    Sandy, are you saying that your Aldi carries organic eggs? I would love to see that here, that’s one item I have to buy elsewhere. Brown rice, too; we are never without several pounds of it.

  6. Robbie

    Great article! Any plans to carry free range eggs in the US? So many great new organic and more healthful choices have already been added. Thank you very much, Aldi!

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